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Cops’n’Robbers House review


Are you game for some high-speed car chasing? Put your seatbelts on as you’re in for a treat with Cops’n’Robbers, another video slot created by Play’n GO. Released in May 2018, the mobile slot game consists of five reels with a maximum of nine paylines. You can bet as low as 0.01 to 90 of any allowed currency and have the chance to bag the grand prize of 3000. It has an RTP of 96.65 per cent and features bonus games to increase the winnings.


Cops’n’Robbers has a classic theme, which has been used by other creators to create their own version of the game. But Play’n GO’s creation has well-designed symbols, stunning graphics, colourful animations, and a multi-platform interface. It is also set on low variance, unlike the other games they have produced, and that is an advantage. With a low slot machine variance, it can be easier to place a bet or activate a bonus game if they don’t give you a chance to acquire a winning combination.


The Gameplay


Just like any other mobile casino games, playing Cops’n’Robbers begins with a bet. You have to set your bet first before the game proceeds. You have to choose the number of coins you want to wage, the value for each coin, and the number of paylines you want to bet on.


  • Coins:                 1-5
  • Coin Values: 01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, and 2.00
  • Paylines:                 1-9


The bet ranges from 0.01 to 90. You can adjust those parameters however you wish, but you can’t change any of them while the current round is running. If you want to bet the highest amount, you can easily select BET MAX to set them on maximum values automatically. After setting your bet, click the spin symbol to start the round.


This game has nine paylines at most, but it also means that there are many winning combinations possibly appearing each round. To know that worth of each winning combo, check out the paytable (symbolised as “i”) found at the bottom left side of the screen, beside the balance. If you win more than one payline in a single round, you will see the total wins. The payline wins also include the winnings from free spins, bonus games, and scatters (if they are applicable). At the end of every round, you receive the total payout.


Cops’n’Robbers Features


Some reel images have special powers to help multiply or increase your winnings. These are the following:


  • The Vault is the wild symbol, which substitutes for other reel symbols except for the Scatter symbol. It helps complete a winning combination. It also doubles all typical prizes if the winning combo has the wild symbol. If there are five Vaults in a row, your win gets multiplied by 3000, constituting the jackpot. If there 2, 3, or 4 Vaults in a row, your line bet is multiplied by 3, 30, and 300, respectively.


  • The Police Car represents the scatter symbol and activates the free spin round. If there are two or more Police Cars anywhere on the reels, you earn a prize. If there are three or more Police Cars on the reels, the combo activates the CAR CHASE BONUS GAME. This bonus round is a set of free spins where you can have more wins than on regular spins. But it can be tricky. You must be able to select the directions that won’t lead you to roadblocks. If the police don’t get you, your total win in the free spin round gets doubled.


  • In addition to the special symbols, Cops’n’Robbers also have a GAMBLE round. It’s optional, but you can take that chance to increase your wins. It comes out every time you win a single round. If you want to play it, press the GAMBLE option. There will appear a pop-up box where you have to guess the face-down card’s correct colour or suit. Click any of the choices to make your guess. If you get the correct colour, your prize is doubled. If you guess the right suit, be merry as your prize increases four times. You’re only allowed to guess five times in succession and a maximum of 2500 coins. An incorrect guess will terminate the GAMBLE game. However, there is no GAMBLE round if you choose to have an AUTO PLAY.


  • If you don’t want to keep on pressing the play button, you can opt for an AUTO PLAY. Using the current bet settings, the AUTO PLAY automatically initiates a continuous play for a certain number of seconds. You can disable it any time you want. However, it automatically disables when the time is up or if you don’t have enough balance left. You can also activate the FAST PLAY to make the reels spin faster.


The Takeaway


Without a doubt, Cops’n’Robbers is definitely a fun video slot, especially with its unique and beautifully crafted symbols on the reels. But it’s not exactly a simple mobile game that first-time players can understand. It is recommended to try the game without betting first before actually making a real bet. And it’s for that reason why I acknowledge the creators for creating a demo play where anyone of legal age can access for free.


But overall, if you’re into video slot machines, you should try Cops’n’Robbers. It’s an enjoyable game to play, and there are no complicated features that will put you into a bad mood. There is a wide range of coin values, and the bonus rounds make the game more exciting, not to mention, lucrative if you get 25 free spins.

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