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Dark Vortex Slot House Review:

With a theme that is just as dark as the game title suggests, Dark Vortex opens up the realms of darkness to anyone who is willing to sell their soul in exchange for generous treasures. At the start, you will be given the choice to unleash the forces of darkness and join the legion of evil. Sounds heinous, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re willing to pay the price, there is an unimaginable world of wealth awaiting you at the other end of the force between good and evil.


As you succumb to the veil of darkness, you’ll encounter all things wretched and spooky at every spin of the reel. However, if you do have the mettle for it, then the void echoes back with up to 3,215 ways for you to get your win.


Between vortex spins, orbs, and freebies, this game might just be the deciding factor that can finally recruit you to the darker side. Are you ready to play on high stakes ground? If so, Dark Vortex is definitely worth checking out.



Dark, twisted, spooky – these are all the things that can describe the Dark Vortex game. Not to mention, it encourages gamers to succumb to their darker nature by playing for the other team aka the evil forces.


If you have an appetite for this type of wretched and dark storylines, then this might be a game that’s worth checking out. As you join forces with monsters and become one yourself, you’ll be playing with different beasts in the game. Symbols such as 5 coloured books and 5 monsters abound the game. Out of all the monsters, the red-horned beast is the one that you should look out for as it yields the most rewards.


As we said, this is a dark game that is not for the faint of heart. You’ll encounter all things wretched in this game. However, if you have the able mind and heart for it, then you’ll need to place your bets and use these commands before you make the interdimensional jump:


The Coin Value +/- can adjust the coin denominations when you place your bet. This will determine how much you’re going to pay at every spin.

The Max Bet can be clicked when you’re willing to go all-in by betting on the highest possible amount per spin.

The Spin and Autoplay buttons will get the reels spinning, either manually for the former and automatically for the latter.


Additional Game Features

Trust us – this game does not skimp on excitement. It has been designed to keep the pace fast and the action constantly on the move. Learn the features that Dark Vortex introduces in this section:


You’ll encounter the Vortex Reel feature early on in the game as it is one of the main attractions of Dar Vortex. When this appears, you will be awarded Vortex Spins, orbs (equivalent to coins, and more high-valued symbols. This feature gets triggered when you land two Vortex Symbols on adjacent reels.


Why exactly is the Vortex Reel the main attraction of the game? This is because this feature has the most potential to increase your wins. As it fires up, it also activates the possibility of 3,125 ways that you can win.


Another feature that you will encounter in this high-stakes game is the Expanding the Vortex. This also increases your chances of higher wins and eventually activates free spins as well.


Of course, how can we forget Free Spins, the crowd favorite? This gets triggered when you open 5 Vortex reels.


Game Design

When it comes to graphics and design, Dark Vortex is probably the best slot game that you will encounter in the market. It may be dark and wretched and remind you of all things that keep you up at night, but we have to hand it to the developers: it’s absolutely stunning.


Nevermind that we launch this game always partly scared with what we can encounter, but this is probably the appeal to some players. The beasts and the orbs and the vortex itself have all been meticulously created and it simply feels like something that is straight out of a movie.


The bonus features in this game have been lucrative so far too.



Are we going to recommend this to those who may have trouble sleeping at night as they battle inner demons until daybreak – probably not. But to those who have the mettle to be in league with beasts and other evil forces, then this high stakes game definitely has a lot in store for you. The rewards can reach up to 7,318 times your stake as long as you’re willing to succumb to the dark forces in the universe.


Scary but rewarding – we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you’ll give this stunningly-designed but creepy game a go.



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