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Double magic slot house review


Microgaming had launched Double Magic slots back in 2000, but over the years, this game has become a cult classic. This isn’t a game for everyone – you either love or hate it. There’s nothing in the middle!

This classic Vegas-style slots game can give you a world of fun. It’s a deceptively simple 3-reel, 1-payline and 2-coin game that harks back to the good old fruit-reel era, and can keep you occupied for hours! But before you start this game, it may be a good idea to read our review to find out exactly how it works and how to play to win.




Double Magic Slots has an RTP of 95.58%, which means that the payouts can be pretty high. However, it is also a medium-high volatility game, which means that you will not easily get those big wins.

Betting in this game ranges from 25p to £10, which appeals to budget conscious gamers, and it is controlled by the coin value and the selection of the 1- or 2-coin bet. If you select the maximum bet size (i.e., 2 coins), you will get bigger wins, but it also means that you will be betting more. And since wins are not easy to come by, it may be a good idea to slowly increase your betting amount – if you’re winning, that is.

To set your bet, you just need to click on the plus and minus keys under the coin value circle. You can choose from 0.25 coins all the way up to 5 coins. Once you have done so, you need to choose between the Bet One tab and the Max Bet tab. The Max Bet tab is the 2 coins!

Once your bet is set to your satisfaction, all you need to do is click on the spin icon, which is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Additional Game Features


There aren’t too many game features in Double Magic slots, which can be a turn-off to many players. Interestingly, it is also the reason why this game also has so many fans!

The only additional game feature you get in this slots game is the Blue Star. If you land a single Blue Star symbol on the reels, then you will get a 2x multiplier when you get a winning combination. The Blue Star is also the Wild, so in this 3-reel game, you need to land 2 identical symbols and the Blue Star to get the multiplier bonus!

Now, if you manage to land 2 Blue Stars on the single payline, then your win will be multiplied by 4x. And if you are lucky enough to land 3 Blue Stars then you’re looking at a massive jump in the payout. If you bet only 1 coin, you get a payout of 800x your original bet, and if you bet the maximum of 2 coins, then you get the jackpot of 1,600x your stake!

That is what you call a huge jump!


The Second Version!


We also need to mention here that Double Magic Slots comes in two versions. One is the straightforward, simple 3-reel action we have described in this review. However, there is another version, which is the super-exciting multi-spin one. In this version, you have 3 3-reel slots on the screen. What this means is that you can play four, six and even nine games – all at the same time!

All other aspects of the game remain the same. The only difference in the number of games you play at the same time!


Game Design


If you are looking for high definition graphics and animations slots games, then Double Magic Slots is not a game you will enjoy. This is a game that focuses on simplicity and straightforward gameplay.

The graphics of the game are bright and fun and will remind you of the old-style Vegas fruit slots. This is because everything about the game is presented on the game screen.

An electrically-charged Double Magic logo dominates the blue background, while the simple rectangular reels and the pay-table are in the foreground. The pay-table doesn’t only show you the payout you can get in this game. It also shows you the number of coins that are currently in play as well as the various winning combinations for the 18 prizes on offer.

The game’s symbols include the classics – the cherry, the bar, the 2 bars, the 7 and the Blue Star. The Blue Star is the Wild and the Multiplier, so keep an eye out for those symbols.

It’s good to remember that when a game offers interesting features, exciting gameplay and solid wins, then graphics and animations can take a backseat!




Double Magic Slots is a classic game that may not appeal to everyone. It lacks the intense graphics and animations that have come to dominate the online slots games that are being released today, and the sound effects are not as vibrant or impactful.

The thing is, fans of the 3-reel classics will love this game. It has the same sound effects as the old games, and gameplay is very straightforward. And the payouts are great, especially when you land the 3 Blue Stars!

Another great draw to this game is the second version of Double Magic Slots. When you’re playing 3 different reels simultaneously, it can become a pretty intense, high-octane experience that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat!

So, if you want a walk down memory lane, then we would say that you should give this game a go!

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