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NetEnt French Roulette 


French Roulette is one of the popular variants of the famous casino game. Now, players can enjoy a  land-based casino gaming experience with all the additional benefits of online gambling thanks to NetEnt’s team of professional developers. The design, gameplay and additional features has set this particular online variant apart from other French Roulette games and players are treated to some of the most interactive gaming features. All these features have been designed to enhance the quality of one’s gaming experience.


Taking a closer look into French Roulette by NetEnt will reveal why this game has such a successful history for over five years and why players are specifically searching for NetEnt’s French Roulette and no other.




Playing French Roulette has never been easier. Thanks to the simplified game layout, a comprehensive paytable and very specific instructions on how the game works  give players a real chance of winning.


The return to player (RTP) percentage is a generous 97.3%, which is more than average, giving players a very good opportunity to claim generous payouts.


In addition to a simple game layout and self-explanatory rules, NetEnt has reached further and created an affordable game of French Roulette by starting the lowest bet at 0.10 and also catering for high rollers with a bet maximum of 1000.00 in chips value.


To stand a chance of winning, players need to understand the rules and gameplay. By achieving this, calculations can be made, which gives players the advantage. Once the dealer spins the wheel, the small computerised ball is then thrown in the other direction. Upon coming to a halt, the ball lands in the winning pocket, and this is where betting strategy comes into the gameplay.


Additional Game Features


To make French Roulette even more enjoyable, convenient and rewarding, NetEnt has incorporated a few additional features. These are the features that have set this variant apart from other versions of the game.


On the top right side of the screen, players are able to bet on ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ numbers. There is also a ‘Racecourse’ betting option located at the bottom left of the screen. When the button has been selected, a little racecourse appears on the screen allowing players to place bets accordingly.


What’s really proven to be a big hit for players is the optional statistics bar that opens upon selection to reveal the chances of red and black being hit and the player landing on hot or cold numbers.


Playing the game only requires a few bets made and the additional features are used to enhance these bets. When all wagers have been placed, the big button located at the bottom of the screen can be activated to get the wheel spinning.


Game Design


NetEnt is a master when it comes to game design and French Roulette is one of their masterpieces. Everything the player needs in order to play the game is located on the screen and is only a click of a button away. Most of the controls are located at the bottom of the screen. This is where players are in control of their bets, racecourse bets, history grid, statistics graph and rebets.


This French Roulette game has been designed with elegant background music that enhances gameplay. Naturally, not all players enjoy hours of music playing on a loop and as a result, NetEnt allows players to opt out of the background sound effects and music. So even after a few spins of the wheel, players can choose to switch off the sounds for a quieter gaming experience.


The layout of the game looks exactly like that of a land-based French Roulette table, which gives the game its authentic feel and complements the game design altogether.




French Roulette is one of the greatest casino table games to have ever been created by NetEnt. The high quality of the game is apparent, proving that only the best technology has been used in the development of this particular online game.


The additional functionality of French Roulette allows for a more streamlined gaming experience that mimics the authenticity of land-based gaming. Side bets have been specifically tailored by experts to give high rollers and thrill-seekers something else to look forward to as well as higher payouts and better winning opportunities.


The affordable wager options of French Roulette by NetEnt have been intentionally designed to allow for all those with bankroll limitations to play this highly elite casino table game. The fantastic design and innovative features have all been created to set this game apart from others like it and is also the reason why it is such a popular variant.


Players stand a chance to win sensational bets in accordance to their wagers and being able to tailor a gaming experience to your liking is truly a unique feature.

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