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Gold King House Review


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you had the power to turn everything you touched into gold? Quite a vision, one would have been atop mountains of groceries and furniture turned to gold. King Midas of Greek Mythology must have been a favorite of the gods to be blessed by such a gift. Truthfully, the Midas touch is an enigma in and of itself.


How would it sound if you were granted the same power as the King known for his golden touch? Gold King by Play’n GO ensures that you get to experience the same exhilarating feeling of Midas’ gift with only but the turning of the reels. With a whopping return player rate of 95.53%, it just isn’t possible for you to not strike gold. Immerse yourself with palace intrigue as you journey into the blinding courts of King Midas. Get admitted into his treasure room—where only those who have earned the King’s favor are allowed.


Has the promise of gold piqued your interest? Read more to know of the Gold King’s gameplay, game design, and more!




The goal of the game is for you to gather a fortune that would rival that of King Midas’ through an imperial five-reel and 3-row slot. For each spin you make on the reel, a royal invitation to the king’s treasure room is given out—an opportunity to scour the reels for treasures like gold crowns, amulets, bars, and other gold encased symbols. A Wild will make itself known sooner or later, in the form of a gold-tinged rose that will aid you in successfully generating more delightful combinations on the 20 pay lines of the game. Since gold is a greatly coveted metal in the game, every spin on the Gold King counts. The gold amulet, gold bars, and the king’s crown are the only premium symbols employed in the game. On the one hand, the A, K, J, Q, and 10 represent symbols of low value.


The ever benevolent King Midas’ symbol is something you would like to keep an eye out for when you play! Once these gold kings appear in the reels, no matter the position, one is instantly granted a series of 10 free super spins. The valuable crown, amulet, and gold bar symbols may expand to envelop the entirety of the reel when generating combos that additionally does wonders in amassing your regal riches. Remember, these symbols will only expand if a winning combination is detected from doing so. Any wins entailing the low-value symbols, before the symbols expand, are paid out.


Additional Game Features


The Gold King, while relatively basic, houses in features that heighten up the tension when playing.


  • Super Stack – 12 consecutive spaces, that the slot will randomly choose, on each reel are filled out during every spin generated in the main game. The Golden Spin is called forth, which is an event that is triggered when the same symbols are stacked on reels 1, 3, and 5. The remaining two reels—2 and 4—go into a slow spin after that with a symbol being brandished in the full screen when a player wins an award from the spinning mentioned above.


  • Super Spins – This feature is activated when three Scatter symbols (Gold King symbols) turn up on reels 1, 3 and 5. 10 spins are immediately granted after this feature is triggered. Nonetheless, even with the guaranteed ten spins for every instance of Scatter symbols appearing on the reels, an additional ten free spins can be retriggered during any spin conducted later on. Furthermore, the Scatter, even when not formed into groups of 3, are capable still of granting free spins to the players.


  • One additional free spin is awarded to the player for 1 Scatter symbol
  • Two additional free spins are awarded to the player for every 2 Scatter symbols
  • 10 additional free spins are awarded to the player for 3 Scatter symbols


One random A-K-Q-J symbol is super stacked during each Super spins turn, consequently filling eight consecutive spaces on each reel. When six or seven successive spaces are taken up on the reels, a stacked Wild may also appear.


Game Design


Visually, the game is relatively striking, with the saturated gold and the vibrant red being the most prominent colors. A mountain of golden treasures can be found at the back of the five by three reels, giving the impression of wealth and sophisticated taste. The pay line is situated comfortably below the moderately sized reel. The sonic aspect of the game did a pretty great job in setting up the mood the game wishes to purport, contributing to the tension one feels when the reels begin to stop—usually in combinations we’d least expect to form!


Compared to the other highly complex slot games by Play ’n GO, the graphics for Gold King, frankly, are rudimentary at best. This, however, does not impede the gaming experience in any way rather, ensures smooth and efficient Play.




Overall, the Gold King is a wonderful game capable of making every player feel like they were King Midas’ himself. If you’re looking for a game to prepare you for other more complex slot machine endeavors, then this game will teach you lots. A fairly simple game, wherefore one is not required to delve much into complicated rules and features, the Gold King is a perfect repast for the ever-hungry gamer soul.

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