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Golden Colts Slot House Review


Load your guns, saddle up your horses, and take an adventurous quest back in the Wild, Wild West! Join the ace-high gang’s pursuit in reclaiming the two golden colts from the dead Sheriff—or rather a zombie sheriff, who haunts the town. This is no ordinary video slot game; this is immensely terrific with a suspense vibe that will surely immerse your feelings in the game.


Your expedition begins once you click to spin the reel. Worry not, for aid will be given by your team represented by the assortment of symbols like the wild bull and the skull-adorned colt. These symbols will lead your way to unlock mysterious treasures full of gilded revolvers. Upon acquiring, these pistols can aim a variety of chances and prizes. It would surely give you the feeling of a western cowboy but with a twist as zombies have also invaded. If you wish to be mesmerized more by the magnificent depiction of the Wild West, you may continue reading this review.




The game will begin with a raging thunder, then the 5×5 reel with 40 paylines will appear on your screen. Before you start spinning the reel, you can first place your bets by clicking the Quick Betting Panel placed on the lower part of the screen or opt for Autoplay. There are a total of 12 symbols in the game. Six low-paying symbols include 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. On the other hand, distinct characters represent four high-paying symbols. Aside from its suspenseful and entertaining theme, the game is also packed with lots of features. Seven special features will surely spice it up!


Special Game Features


Wilds & Scatters


  • Mounted Bull Skull is considered the Wild symbol of the game. It can replace any symbol aside from the Scatter.


  • Skull Carved in Stone is the Scatter of the game. Three appearing similar symbols anywhere on the reel will unleash one of the seven Golden Colts features mentioned below.


  • Ace High Gang – Once acquired, players will be rewarded with 4×4 Mega Symbols present on reels two to five. You will also get three free spins.


  • Wild Bull – Free spins of three will be given. On each turn, either the first or second reel will go Wild.


  • Law of the Wild – The haunting symbol of the possessed Sheriff will appear and will get stacked in the second, third, and fourth reels.


  • Gunslinger – This feature is risky and might get your hopes up. The gun will aimlessly fire at the reels where you will be given one free spin with a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 30x.


  • Poker Play – For one free spin, the Gambler symbol will appear on takeover 2×2 block space. This feature is quite extraordinary, for if another Gambler coincides, you will get another re-spin.


  • Furies – The Woman symbol will occupy a 2×2 block space that will remain for as long as you manage to acquire a combination.


  • Most Wanted – There will be 20 posters with respective prizes presented. You get to choose one poster, and the prize will be revealed. The other features above can be one of the mysteries the posters hold.


Game Design


The game’s theme gives you the lingering feeling of a deserted town in the Old Wild West. It brings you to wander in the United States frontier now abandoned and haunted by zombies. This atmosphere can already be witnessed the very moment you start the game. A ravaging flash of lightning will be shown on the screen with the deserted town in the background—totally a perfect depiction of the Wild West you are imagining. The background is set on a lurking purple fog but changes to red when Bonus Rounds are achieved. If you imagine a dark color scheme, you are entirely right.


Moreover, the design of the symbols evokes a clear, typical representation of the Wild West. Attributes such as guns, skulls, mafia personalities, cowboys and & cowgirls, and other gilded stuff are well acquainted. Along with this is the soundtrack that adds sensation. The background music of the game is surprisingly arousing. Thumbs up to Play ‘n GO’s Creative Team! The interface of this game deserves recognition and applause. It is indeed a remarkable game.


While it provides a comprehensive outlook and beautiful interface, it is not highly recommended for beginners, especially those faints of heart. They might be scared off by its visuals depicting plenty of action. Furthermore, the game, established in 16:9 resolution, caters to gamers who use desktop; however, it is also accessible on mobile phones using the Mr. Green application or any other casino mobile applications available on Google PlayStore.




The overall concept of the game is attained, especially in terms of game design. The theme derived from the Old Wild West but made it more haunted. It is recognized with a fair 96% Return to Player rate (RTP) that is deemed appealing for gamers. The game also includes seven different bonus rounds that trigger various prizes available. This will provide more dimensions for players, so boredom will have no place to reside. However, the game does not have a well-established base game, so it feels like you are just playing for the bonus rounds. Not only these features are to be acknowledged but also the game design. The setting is highly established, well-designed, and enticing. The music that supports this provides an evocative feeling that fittingly highlights the theme.

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