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Golden Goal Slot Review


Can you kick the ball and reach the goal? Find out by playing the Golden Goal  video slot by Play’n GO. Condition yourselves and prepare for this tight game. With a strong, well-balanced kick and trust on the reels, you will indeed become the spinning legend.


Are you a fan of soccer? Yes or no — regardless of your answer, you will find this video slot enjoyable. Obviously, the theme is inspired by the ever-famous sport: soccer or football. Soccer is a game played by 22 players by kicking a ball and avoiding being kicked by the opponents until it reaches the goal. Given that the sport is already entertaining and engaging, this game will be more of that.


Golden Goal is a term in football formally introduced in 1992 and ceased in 2004. This rule is used for the decision-making process of who is the winning team during a draw. It is decided by letting the players score a goal in additional time. However, as mentioned, this rule no longer applies to the current world of soccer. Therefore, it perfectly illustrates the retro style of the game.


This slot machine aims to give the avid fans of both video slot machines and soccer a taste of that action. It lets you feel the magic of being involved in the game as it presents you with the well-defined visuals. Now focus your mind on the goal and keep your eyes on the ball. Ready to get stuck into the action? Play now!


Golden Goal Slot Gameplay


First things first, what will appear on the screen is a classic three-line reel, a simple slot with a paytable indicating the value of each symbol and the perfect combinations on the right part. Before diving into this challenge, place your bets first. Do this by showing the number of the coin value on the lower left part of the screen. Afterward, start the game by clicking the ‘Spin’ button placed right on the center. Interestingly, there is an autoplay option to allow players to multitask. You can also adjust it to how many automatic spins you like and when you want it to end. There is no need to worry, though; your teammates are still trying to put the ball in the goal.


Moving on, there are different symbols observed in the reel. Although the reel is small, the variations of symbols are something to look into. There are four symbols; three are the standard characters, and one being the wild. You can observe a football boot, a whistle, and a goalkeeper’s glove with values increasing, respectively. The remaining symbol will be explained further in the special features section.


Special Features


To make the game more interesting, there is a special symbol and one exciting feature incorporated. Although the special features are not that many, players will still find it progressive and interactive. To add, please take note that the game is progressive. Therefore, it is more likely that players will be more interested in this slot machine despite its lack of unique features.


  • Wilds


A golden ball represents the wild. Its ability is similar to other wilds in other slot games. It can substitute all other symbols to form way better combinations — totally in your favor.


  • Progressive Jackpot


This feature is a goal you should not miss in the game. To trigger this, land three wild symbols in the reel at once, no matter where it is placed. By progressive, this means that the value of your surprise changes. The worth is presented in a LED.


Game Design


Golden Slots has an appealing design that players would find engaging. It is simple and calming to the eyes. This slot machine lets the players experience the feeling of playing the sport while remaining the spirit of retro arcade alive.


Simply, it means that there are no distracting touches. The background deeply resembles a football pitch, set in green. The elements are carefully placed in a well-set layout. As observed, the symbols are relevant that match the sport. Instead of the more familiar default symbols like the letters and numbers, the chosen characters are more related to the theme. In addition, the font of the title is on point; it clearly exhibits what the game is all about while stirring up the excitement inside.


Moreover, the colors exhibit the scheme of football, providing players a feeling of belongingness and involvement. There is also a music that sets the mood like you are really put in for action — be sure to turn it on!


This video slot game is available on different online casinos on the web. It is accessible on desktop and mobile phones, both Android and Apple.




The simplicity of the game is its strength. While other games out there are so complicated and complex, Golden Goal slot proves that “The simple, the better.” Setting aside this reiterated description, the gameplay is easy to learn. This strength is supported by an excellent interface with relaxing yet motivating music.


With a 95.12% RTP and guaranteed high volatility, the chances are ensured, which would motivate the slot players to play even more. This slot machine is highly recommended for both beginners and pros, especially football players and fans. It will not be too difficult for the beginners and bothersome for the pros. If you enjoy playing video slots peacefully without distractions, you should play this game. Overall, the game provides an experience that players will find worth coming back for. Have fun, and keep it simple.


Play’n GO deserves applause for creating this exciting game!

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