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Golden Ticket Slot Review


It’s really easy to just throw around the most popular cliches like ‘unique’ or ‘innovative’ when describing video slots, but when it comes to Play’n GO, it’s hard not to use these words. The popular developer makes games that are completely different from those that other slot makers produce.


The Golden Ticket slot is just an example of the greatness of the games that they create. Not only is the whole theme centered around an 1800’s circus, the whole game-play, as well as setup, is definitely something new as well!


Golden ticket Slot

Golden Ticket Slot Gameplay


With absolutely no win lines like any other standard game, the only thing you need to pick out is the amount that you are comfortable putting down on every single spin! There is even a huge range of choices to choose from.

Just like the other brilliant games from Play’n GO slots, the autoplay can easily be configured to go all the way up to about 50 spins in total!


In order to score a win, all you need to get are 3 adjacent symbols located anywhere on the given grid.

Although the individual wins can be quite small, there are still 2 effects that can mitigate this. The first thing that you’ll get initially runs of different wins as the known symbols for every single one of them explodes while the others then proceed to move downwards into their own place (there aren’t any new ones that appear from the very top).

The second thing that you’ll get when you catch a win is your very own ‘golden ticket’! This then becomes a designated wild for the succeeding sets of different symbols.


This, in turn, creates even more chances of winning. Every single win will also be better with an increasing multiplier! Yup! You’ll be able to get as high as 5x once you get succeeding multiple wins, all for the same spin!


All of these wins result in multipliers of guess what… your total bet! This is due to the fact that yup, there are no individual coins! This is the advantage of picking your bet. The bonuses can be really over the top.

The range of multipliers go from an exact 4x for the five different ringmasters, three for the five of the different clowns or the strong man, and last but not the least, two for the entertaining top hat.


The smallest but still pretty reasonable prize symbol is the top hat that gives you just half of your total bet for all of the five.


Special Feature


  • Bonus Feature


Despite the quite complicated mechanics of the bonus feature, you’ll find it to be very entertaining! With the symbols all lodged at the bottom of the huge screen, you’ll find that the symbols are actually the same reels.

Except that this time, you’ll be able to get scatter wins all from the total 10 different symbols! These include everything from balloons, ducks, and other animal faces!


Once the symbols pop up and you spot any group of about 5 and above, you’ll be able to get a shot at getting a huge bonus!

With 10 different clown faces, you’ll be able to win a total of 35x your initial actual spin amount! The lowest is only 15x for the lowest symbol 5, but it’s still pretty significant.


The catch is that you’ll only be able to payout after getting 5+ of any of the symbols. Oh yeah, you can possibly retrigger this feature a total of 20 times!


  • Free Spins


This bonus game actually resembles a certain shooting gallery at your local carnival. You’ll find different symbols all lurking all around during the bonus part.


Oh yeah, you’ll have to be able to get a total of about 5 or more in order to simply achieve a win. These 5 and up Bonus symbols will give players an added 10 spins for free! The maximum amount of “spins” that can happen during this bonus is up to 20.


  • Multipliers


As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to get a multiplier of 35x the initial spin amount! Conclusion this is the good thing about the initial bet being an amount, to begin with instead of just a few numbers of coins.


Game Design


Remember the last time you went to the circus? Well, the game is designed to embody this vintage feel with the case of having players search for the Golden Ticket. There’s also definitely a vintage sheet of imagery and sound embedded in the game.


The game hits a barrel organ-style traditional soundtrack that plays in the Golden Ticket’s background while you’re spinning. Even the additional chatter from certain audiences provides the game with a rich atmosphere.


The tents, stalls, and even caravans painted in the background give the audience an entertaining feel. You’ll be seeing people with top hats, clowns, dumb bells and juggling clubs, and of course, the leotard-wearing strongmen!


The good thing about this game is that it’s designed to function on almost all of your devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and of course, the more convenient mobile phones. Don’t worry; the game is programmed to give gamers the same high-quality experience both in sound and in visuals.




The game screams creativity from the top of the screen to the bottom. Play’n GO has definitely given an enormous amount of thought on the game’s excellent design and jolly gameplay. The Golden Ticket takes you back to wonderland. You know, not some fantasy is unrealistic, but an actual circus where your child-like wonders began!

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