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Irish Gold Slot Review


How is your luck? Test it with Play’n GO’s Irish Gold, where the leprechauns will be your friends. Witness the wonderful world of Ireland and St. Patrick in the Irish Gold video slot. You better expect rainbows and pots of gold.


Although this theme is common and very traditional in the world of casinos, this game has impressive special features that will catch your attention.


This video slot game is based on Irish mythology concerning Irish luck. This term is derived from the miners’ old expression during the gold rush that happened at the end of the 19th century across the United States of America. It is said that these Irish or Irish-American descents are the only ones who witnessed and acquired the pots of gold, which make them lucky.


Furthermore, another famous character included in his game is the leprechauns. These creatures are types of fairies in Irish folklore. It is known for its appearance as a small bearded man with green or brown coats and a hat. They take part in human life by granting them three wishes once captured in exchange for freedom. In this game, be sure to befriend a leprechaun, for they may grant you more than three wishes—you will never know.


Look for these leprechauns hiding within the pots of gold and enjoy Irish mythology in this Play’n GO’s video slot.


Irish Gold Slot Gameplay


The game commences by clicking the green circle button after placing the bets. Players can adjust their bets by clicking the up and down arrows below the screen. Afterward, the reel will set in motion. Please remember that you can speed up the game using the turbo function. Moreover, there is also an autoplay option wherein you let the game play on its own while you multitask. Do not worry; the leprechauns will still look out for you. Always stick to your wish, though, to favor your luck.


The symbols correlate with the theme of the game; it sticks to the classic style with the color green dominating the screen. It comes in two formats: Celtic-style icons with the lowest value. These characters are the letters K, A, J, Q, the number 10, and the leprechauns, values ranging respectively. Other versions represent it through three different colors of gold, silver, or bronze bar icon.


Secondly, the picture icons resemble relevant characters like the lucky horses, pipes, toadstools are with higher significance. Also, look out for the game logo, which rarely appears that will guarantee great gifts.


Moreover, there are Wild symbols to spice up the game like other video slots. Read further to know more about the special features.


Special Features


To make the game more exciting, there are special features included.


  • Wilds


The four-leaf clover illustrates the Wild symbol. It has the typical ability of a Wild that replaces all the other symbols on the reel for a better outcome in your favor. It fills the gaps to create a better combination.


There are two types of Wild. The magical Wild will turn the reel wildly while the clover type will add plenty of significant symbols in the reel.


  • Gold Pot


This game also offers a progressive outcome feature represented by a gold pot. This feature is short but is very generous—indeed, the odds are in your favor.


  • Bonus Feature


A bonus feature is granted once three golden pots (those in the reels) are landed simultaneously. After achieving this, the leprechauns will be delighted, redirecting you to the bonus feature. The five bigger golden pots will magically appear. Choose one of these to claim the extra treats.


  • Rainbow of Wealth


Succeeding the bonus game, the Rainbow of Wealth feature is the second streak where there are music boxes to choose from that move along the trail of bonuses, increasing your potential. Trigger this feature by landing leprechaun’s hats on reels one, three, and five at the same time.


  • Free Spins


Lastly, a Lucky Wild Free Spin round allows you to select more gold pots to determine how many bonus games are playable. If a Wild manages to appear during a free spin, extra Wilds will dominate the reels, boosting your chances. Experience this feature by landing more bonus symbols on the default game.


Game Design


The Irish theme of the game is very relevant to the nature of casinos. The general ideas correlate with each other. Additionally, there are exceptional graphics to support the gameplay.


Starting with the textual elements, they are set in a font that depicts joyful characteristics, not to mention that the letters are written in green. It is also impressive to change the letter O in the word GOLD with brimming gold pots with coins. To add, there is also a rainbow arching in a blue sky and white clouds to complete the depiction. It is a sunny day, a perfect day to test your luck.


Furthermore, there is lively music for you to experience the delightful world of leprechauns. It is truly motivating, which is considered a strength because most video slots frustrate the players.


Explore this world on desktop and smartphone through your favorite casino website.




Although the theme is said to be common in the field, this game is, without a doubt, better than the others. Unlike others, it has plenty of special features, totally living up to its theme like a gold pot. It is not disappointing, especially that it has a high return-to-player rate of 95.32%. To support this excellent gameplay, the visuals are truly enticing, with music so engaging. This game deserves applause.


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