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Jewel Box Slot Review


Get bedazzled and turn your pennies into jewels with another video slot game from Play’n GO! Players in search of some bling on the internet and who are always seeking for a good slot game to supply their cravings only have one goal in common: to get their hands on those riches.

What better way to represent that than a box of jewels? It no denies that when we see jewelry, in a box no less, we only think about how much they are worth. If you are curious enough, then find out here!


Jewel Box is a video slot game developed by known casino games manufacturer Play’n GO. If you have played a lot of video slots before, you will find this one a real diamond, since it looks like a retro and classic game, but its 3D animations give it a photorealistic feel – something that one does not normally find in video slots that are all about the retro feels.

If you have seen Titanic, then the whole rich ambiance is familiar to you, along with its graphics as well.


Jewel box slot review


Bring home the glitter with the 95.79% return to the player lead that will give players an ample chance to get your hands on those sparkly jewels, possibly.

It has numerous features that are found in most games but are unique nonetheless. This review will break down Jewel Box’s gameplay, special features, and game design.


Jewel Box Gameplay


This game is played on a five-reel slot with 15 pay lines as a standard video slot machine. The pay lines can be taken as having 15 different ways to get possible winning combinations.

With as many as those lines, players can have the choice of what line and how many they want to activate. Like any other slot machine out there, this game is started by placing the bets on the lines you want to activate and clicking the button indicating the spin found at the right edge of the screen.


The reels will spin by itself, and for beginners, you only need to wait for it to stop rolling and see if the symbols have made matching combinations.

You are rewarded once the matching symbols land on an active pay line. The only strategy that players will need for this chance game is deciding which line to use and how many of them should be activated.


the symbols


Given the nature of this type of game, the symbols are the most important. The symbols that players will encounter in Jewel Box are the emerald rings, a diamond, the earring, the pearls, and the gems.

Each of them is tied with different amounts of prizes that can be acquired by making three or more of them land on a pay line.


The diamond and emerald ring both reward as high as 2,500 coins for five of them, and only 250 coins for four of them. The earrings are worth 1,000 coins for five of them on a line, while the pearls are given 500.

The gems of different colors give out lower prices, but you would want to watch out for them as they frequently show up on the reels to make winning combinations. What’s more, a wild symbol also exists, which makes the whole gameplay on the reels exciting.


The game is made with a simple user interface for smooth navigation that gives players easy controls on the buttons. The whole screen is easy to watch, and beginners can immediately find their way through even if they have not played on the reels before.


Jewel Box is available on most casino sites on the internet and is supported by all browsers. Furthermore, it can be played on both mobile and desktop devices with operating systems supported such as Android, Apple, Windows, and Mac.


Special Features


Despite its grandeur in premise and design, the features given are relatively simple but are still rewarding.


  • Wild


If you see the drawing of a multiplying number on the screen, that is the symbol for the wild. It does not pay much compared to the others. Still, it does have its ability to replace all the other symbols on the reels to give players the opportunity to make possible combinations to multiply the prizes, depending on the number written on the symbol. It can turn prizes to 50 or 250 coins more.


  • Bonus Game


The jewel boxes are the last symbol that might present itself on the reels. It is the key to the unlocking of the bonus game.

The game redirects to another gameplay that allows the player to choose among three jewelry boxes presented. Each of them has corresponding bonuses depending on which box a player chooses.


Game Design


The design for the game is very retro-like, and the moving pictures give it a realistic feel. However, the graphics might not be appealing to the eyes.

The jewelry box is placed on a velvet silk background, which gives it a luxurious feel. The animations are simple, and the symbols are traditional in their creation.

If you ask us, its graphics are really not something of note. It has its luxurious grandeur for a premise, though, which makes it appealing.




We have had diamonds and gold, so why not put all the jewels together, right? Jewel Box is an attractive slot that will make players beg for a chance to hold those jewels.

It has a standard RTP found in most games from Play’n GO and is not really dull. You should check this one out.

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