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Multifruit 81 House Review


The influence of fruits in the gambling industry has been undoubtedly essential, as it gave birth to a genre that most gamblers these days already know. Oranges, mangos, and lemons are only some of the tropical blessings present in most fruit-themed casino spin. While they are mostly the same in gameplay, some developers still push the boundaries and implement something new to their creation. Meet Multifruit 81, a classic fruit-themed casino game that you’ve never seen before! Play’n GO did their best to make it stand out, giving it fun and lively graphic effects that are sure to entice players.




Play’n GO is known for creating high-quality video slots and Multifruit 81 is no exception. If you want a laid-back and beginner-friendly video slot to play, this offering is the best in our books! The way it presents itself is through simple gameplay mechanics to attract and acquire more new players. The rules are also relatively simple: you’ll only need little time to study, unlike Multifruit 81’s contemporaries.


As the name suggests, there are 81 pay lines available in this video slots game. With five reels on the screen, Multifruit 81 is very straightforward on telling that strategy is a must! You can still win on this one without a concrete plan but, if you want to rely on more than luck, you should formulate one. This Play’n GO game allows its players to have a minimum bet of 0.20 and a maximum of 100. For ordinary casino goers, this range is already generous as it offers different opportunities for gamblers with different playstyles.


Tips on Betting


With an RTP of 96.5% and enough gameplay knowledge and adaptive strategy, you can come up with something to mitigate losses. Multifruit 81 already offers everything a player needs to start winning at the very start. For instance, you may use the scaling bet, meaning that you’ll start very low on your bets and increase it according to your success.


Several video slots are also heavily reliant on symbols. Multifruit 81, however, does not require you to memorize everything on the screen to win. As with all games, of course, there are still several gameplay elements to understand and master.


Additional Game Features


There are only two important features to remember on Multifruit 81 as the game strives for simplicity rather than complexity. It’s very high contrast in a market full of poorly designed and complicated video slots.


  1. Joker Wild Multiplier – If you’re lucky enough, you can encounter the Joker symbol. If by any chance, you have landed more than one of this, your winnings will be multiplied according to the total match! For instance, two Joker symbols would appear that you’ll have an x2 payout. Three Joker symbols, on the other hand, would give you a multiplier of five.
  2. Expanding Wilds – It turns out that there’s more use of the Joker symbol as it is also present on the second most important feature of the game. To trigger the expanding Wilds, you must first observe a blinking or highlighted reel. After that, you should aim to land a Joker symbol on that particular reel.


It’s almost impossible to trigger this special event, but let’s say that you do, the Joker symbols will start to cover the other spots on the reel, allowing you to form a winning combination.


Game Design


Retro lovers would surely have a blast playing Multifruit 81. It has the classic charm that almost all slot machines back then have. If you’re a fan of such a setup, you’ll have a hard time finding more like this, so it is best to take your time and learn the ropes of this video slot. Much like other popular slot machines of the past, this offering by Play’n GO also utilizes the classic “7”, which is also the most valuable symbol in-game. Even if the design and theme selection are already dated, the developers and animators did an excellent job making the fruit symbols a bit updated, making them more realistic and of high-quality.


All the design choices are also well-incorporated in the perspective of gameplay, meaning that you’ll have a blast without worrying too much of distractions. You may also find the upbeat soundtrack enjoyable, acting more like subtle background noise while enjoying spinning virtually. The gameplay approach is rather straightforward, compared to other selections of video slot games nowadays. Some of them implement various gimmicks that mostly hinder the video slot from providing a smooth and seamless experience.




Play’n GO may have been famous for their trademark and innovative video slot titles. However, they can also do something traditional, like what they did with Multifruit 81. It gives gamblers a nostalgia glass, a simple look back to what slot machines are back then. The retro style is also fitting with the chosen theme. While there’s not that much gimmick and added features that you can see, Multifruit 81 still gives off a deluxe and premium vibe. There’s something about it that screams luxury, perhaps mainly because of the symbols and how they are intelligently designed. The gameplay is also easy to understand, with a meager starting betting amount of 0.20. If you’re interested in having more fun, you can also increase the intensity of your betting amount up to 100.


The main attraction of Multifruit 81, however, is its RTP, totaling to a high percentage of 96.5%. Although the additional features are a bit lacking, both of them serve their purpose well. Besides, for a game about fruits and luck, there’s nothing much to add. The 81 pay lines present is also a right touch, and while the developers aren’t known for giving this much to players, they still did an excellent job when it comes to balancing and making the video slot a lot fairer. Multifruit 81 isn’t a revolutionary title. Nonetheless, it is still an essential addition to the lineup of Play’n GO. Many fruit-themed video slots exist in the gambling market nowadays, but this one differs from them because of the quality it possesses.

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