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Ninja Fruits Game House Review


Stop for a moment and imagine yourself taking a wonderful trip to the country of Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. The beautiful country offers fascinating cultures, tourist spots and a variety of street food that players would want to pay to visit. Then, you see this familiar anime character of the name “Naruto.” You stop, reflect for a bit, and wonder, “If you got to be a ninja for a day, what would you do?” Slice up fruits for katana practice, maybe? Well, this slot game is the perfect game for you. Play‘n Go introduces another original and imaginative game with a ninja-themed slot machine with Ninja Fruits. Enter the shrine to begin your ninja training with Master, a Geisha lady, and other fellow ninjas that will grant you the chance to earn fruitful winning combinations and several multipliers in your rewards.


Ninja Fruits puts an innovative and new spin into the slot machine mechanism with its fruit slicing ninja story that gives its players an exciting hour of gaming. The game’s theme features different aesthetics of oriental feudal Japan, where ninjas would train their hardest for missions of espionage and accuracy of swordplay through fruit slicing, which will give players the thrilling experience of being a ninja while earning winning combinations. The game also has a wooden zen soundtrack that will surely bring the inner concentration of the ninja way into play.




Ninja Fruits is a five-reel, three-row, and 15 pay lines online slot game; gentle cherry blossom trees and the symbolic Japanese shrine greets the player along with sculpted stone lanterns in the background, and baskets of fruits waiting for slicing. To begin the training, players must place their bet through pressing the Max Bet button, which allows them to adjust the player’s stake. They can bet up to a maximum of $ 25 or a minimum of $ 0.15 if they please. Additionally, the line arrows that are located on the area below allow the player to choose the number of active pay lines they want to play on. The player also meets their Master, who is a wise old man that signifies himself as the Wild symbol of the game. Along with this symbol is the Geisha lady and shurikens that represent high-value symbols in the game. These are the essentials for a ninja to earn chances of winning amazing prizes. Moreover, instead of the usual card symbols found in regular slot games, the lower value symbols are the colorful fruits and fellow ninjas who are also a part of this fruit-slicing training.


The Ninja Fruits video slot game also has the usual bonus features found in slot games accompanied with impressive graphics and animation that sets the standard high for online slot machine games. The Wilds, Scatters and free spins in this game grant the player generous rewards of quadruple multipliers and a considerable amount of coins, if lucky enough. Furthermore, the slot game has an interactive mini-game called “Shuriken Bonus” and a gamble feature that gives the player a chance to win more prizes just by guessing the color or suit of the gaming card that will pop up on the game’s display.


Tips on Betting


Ninja Fruits has a couple of player tips and tricks that one should consider for a chance to increase the player’s winnings. Take advantage of the game’s Free Spins feature, estimate the size of your win. If the pay were impressive, it would be best to take a pause. And then start the reels once more. When winning seems to be small, players should leave a bet of the same size and proceed.


Special Game Features 


Play‘n Go’s Ninja Fruits has terrific game features and animations so sleek that were designed to put the fun in ninja training in a fruity way. The game surely meets the question of players on what ninjas do during their training rounds or past time in the shrine garden.


  1. Wild Symbols


The all-wise and knowledgeable sensei is the Wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols in the game except the Scatter. Once the player spins five Wild symbols on an active pay line, the player has the chance to payout 5000 coins for five of a kind. Furthermore, the Wilds can also double up all the player’s winning combinations in their gameplay.


  1. Scatter Symbols


Scatters are a blessing in a slot machine game because of the Free Spins feature the player gets after scoring three Scatter symbols in a row. The beautiful geisha lady represents the game’s Scatter, the game activates the animation and transitions of the Free Spins features in the game’s background from an afternoon of training to a cool evening with the cherry blossom falling.


  1. Free Spins


The Free Spins feature activates once the player lands a Scatter bonus of three or more geisha lady Scatter symbols. A smooth animation plays, with the geisha lady whipping out her paper umbrella with possible rewards and starts spinning it like a roulette. The geisha then flips her paper fan open with the player’s award. During these free spins, all prizes will triple while the free game bonus can activate any time during free gameplay.


  1. Shuriken Bonus


An essential weapon of every ninja is their shuriken, and in this game, it represents the bonus symbol. This mini-game activates after landing three Scatter symbols on the game’s reels. The game’s background will transition into an interactive mini-game that allows the player to have a strike the fruit game to win points that goes up to 150x the player’s maximum bet.


  1. Gamble Feature


Who doesn’t love winning combos? The gamble feature in Ninja Fruits is an excellent way for the player to win more prizes by guessing the suit or color of the presented playing card correctly. The player could earn double winnings by correctly guessing the color and quadruple multipliers for guessing the suit.


Game Design 


The game takes place in an afternoon at a Japanese shrine garden, with baskets of fruits just waiting for some real mean ninja slicing. Ninja Fruits features fun and excellent design of what it’s like to train as a ninja for a day. The background music accompanies the game’s theme with its Japanese zen instrumentals but also accompanied by comedic sound effects that the player will enjoy. The symbols featured in this perfectly fit the aesthetic of an oriental Japanese shrine garden with ninjas preparing for training. At the same time, the animation and graphics in Ninja Fruits are high quality that won’t disappoint its players. Furthermore, with the game’s resolution size of 16:9, it can be playable on different digital platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and tablets.




One can tell that Play‘n Go has outdone themselves with producing the Ninja Fruits online slot game as the graphics and animation are not too stunning for a regular slot player but promises a thrilling time. It is an excellent game for people who are fond of slot games with sleek graphics, an exciting storyline, and decent rewards. Ninja Fruits is one of those S-tier online slots games that the developers put up a tremendous amount of passion and hard work to produce such a successful video slot.

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