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Reptoids slot Review and FREE demo game


If you’re familiar with Reptoids aka Reptilian Humanoids, then there’s a big chance that you’ll enjoy this game too.

This Yggdrasil Gaming slot operates on two major themes. First, it follows a storyline where with aliens called Reptoids are slowly overpowering the human race and taking over our world. In the same storyline, all of this happens in a 1960s backdrop, cementing our interest in the game.


With 5 reels and 20 pay lines, this intensely vivid and slightly eerie game has developed quite a fandom in all the years it has been made available to online gamers. You can get in on the action by starting with 10p a spin too.

Curious to know what’s in store for you in the Reptoids Slot game?  Learn more about this Yggdrasil Gaming offering and find out if it’s a good fit for you with the help of our review.


Ever wonder how it would feel like to be in a Men in Black movie, uncovering aliens disguised as humans and keeping the human race safe? With Reptoids, you can do just this – Throughout the game, you’ll have multiple characters show up in your reels. Scientists, generals, presidents, reports, cops, and nurses – you’ll encounter all of these Reptoids disguised as humans on the reels. On top of aliens, low-value symbols can also be represented by gold, silver, bronze, and nickel military medals.


In the game, you’ll be playing mostly to reach the highest value symbol which is the president. Encountering 5 of these across a pay line will give you up to 50x your stake. On the other hand, in the base game, the gold coin stands for the scatter symbol which can give you up to 5,000x your stake.

Be mindful when you set your bets as you begin your briefing as part of the undercover unit in the game. You can place a maximum bet of 5 coins size. This can be adjusted accordingly by clicking on the ‘Coin Value +/-’ button.

‘Spint’ and ‘Autoplay’ will get the reels in motion so you can get started in the game.


Additional Game Features

Regular symbols and gilded symbols litter the reels in the duration of Reptoids slots. you goa is to trigger the game’s multiple features. We’ve listed these features below – keep reading.


First, Reptoid introduces us to a feature called the Repto Detector. After all, the storyline needs you to find out which among the characters are aliens in human suits. This feature sets off a random position in every spin. Whichever character the detector may land on, it will instantly trigger the character to show its true form as an alien. This is considered as a wilds substitute and can help you win more combinations.


If your gold coin scatters lands in the frame of a detector, you can enjoy the Free Spins feature. You can get up to 7 free spins for this feature. If you want more Free Spins, this requires you to detect at least 2 Reptoids among your characters. In the game, you can get up to 13 Free Spins in total.


Game Design

Although unusual and slightly eerie, Reptoid’s multi-theme translates quite nicely in the finished product. Complete with sharp lines, distinct contrasts, and an eerie ghoulish green as its main colour, Reptoids transports us easily into a world where the human race is at the brink of extinction.


The empty city streets make for a good background and the quiet hum of the soundtrack in the backdrop has, quite honestly, given us some of the best scares of our lives once these Reptoids show up.

In the game design arena, this game truly kills it.



To be honest, we were skeptical about the underlying premise of the game at the beginning. A decided sci-fi and almost futuristic theme set in the backdrop of the streets in the 1960s? Who would have thought that this would gain traction in the world of online slots gaming?

Fast forward to some years after the introduction of Reptoid and this has managed to gain quite a number of following. Not just for its design and storyline but for all its bonus features, this has steadily gained recognition in online gaming in the past year or so.

Overall, we love it and we think it’s a brilliant addition to Yggdrasil Gaming’s wide array of gaming portfolio. It’s not exactly for the faint of heart, both in theme and the stakes involved, but it is quite generous in handing out bonus features.

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