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Ring the Bells Game House Review


You might have heard of the three-reel slot games of Play’n Go Ring the Bells.  If you have not, then you are missing a lot of unique video slots from the same developer. At some point, Play’n Go has been known for five-reel games. Now, they have also registered themselves to the three-reel slot market. What makes this slot’s system even more unique is the fact that it has eight pay-lines, compared to most three-reel slots with only one. Therefore, eight more ways to play!


Ring the Bells offers a Christmas-themed slot that gives glory to Christmas bells with a fruity twist. The classic red-colored game motif illuminates the background of the reels surrounded by gold. True to slot games from Play’n Go, Ring the Bells does not have a further story or rich premise to appeal to players, but that does not mean that it is not entertaining. This game offers a 97.3% return to player trump card, one of the highest RTPs out there!


Are you interested yet? Well, read on to find out more about its gameplay, special features, and design.


Ring the Bells Gameplay


This game is played on three reels and eight pay-lines. The lines can operate either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. The minimum bet ranges from 0.01 coins to a maximum of 50. You can place your bet on any of the lines to spin the reels. A ‘spin’ button is available to dictate this action. There is also an ‘auto play’ and a ‘bet max’ option to adjust your wager.


Some classic fruity symbols are present in this slot, including strawberries, apples, lemons, and pineapples. There are also traditional slot machine symbols such as gold bars, the red 7s icons, and of course, the bells. The gold bars will reward up to 75x your bet when you land three combinations across and in all sides. You can also be awarded if they appear on all corners. The 7s symbols will award you nine times your stake if you land a line of them, and any three of them can reward up to four times your bet, while four of them will give eight times your wager. What’s more, is that it will give you 200x your stake if you land all nine of them on screen.


For the fruit symbols, pineapples can give at least 12x your stake when three of them form a line combination. Apples will reward eight times, and the lemons can give you five times your bet. The strawberries are a bit of a particular case. They will award you based on the number of symbols that will appear on the pay-line. Three strawberries crossing the pay-line will award four times your wager per line, two of them will give two times, while a single one appearing at the top of the left reel will give back the value of your bet on the line.


Playing on all pay-lines and getting at least three of the triple gold bar symbols will give you a bonus. On the other hand, if you land all the fruit symbols on the nine reels, it will reward you with 25 times your wager.

As a simple slot game with a basic premise, you can count that the controls are relatively easy as well. You can play it on mobile: Android, iPhone, or iPad, and on desktop: Windows and Mac.


Additional Game Features


Rare and unique to its nature, this slot does not have any Wild symbol to maximize your chances. However, it does offer stunning benefits that will make you forget about Wilds. The bonus features come in various perks throughout the game. Here, there are three ways to earn exclusive advantages: the generous bell mode, the gold bar, and the rare progressive jackpot. There are also some free spins hidden when you make the correct combinations of the symbols throughout the eight lines.


  • Scatter – The Scatter the bells represent the symbol for Ring the Bells. The bells, being the main character of this game as its namesake, unlocks fruitful bonuses as well as the Bell Mode feature itself.


  • Bell Mode – This feature is activated by collecting five or more of the bell symbols. As the Scatter, it can show up at any location on the reels and does not need to be in a line combination for this feature to happen. This feature awards a series of free spins. During your spin in this mode, any bell will up your stakes by seven times. Nine of them, meanwhile, will give up to 150x multiplier. Sadly, this feature can only occur once in the game.


  • Wheel of Fortune – This is one holds the progressive jackpot of the game. If you land three or more gold rings, you will get a shot at spinning the game’s Wheel of Fortune. Three to five gold rings will send you to the Tasty, Luxury, and Dream Chance Jackpot of the slot.


  • Gamble Feature – You can also choose to gamble your rewards by playing against the dealer himself.


Game Design


This slot is basic and straightforward in its premise. The designs, however, are superb and excellently colored with the red holiday hue of Christmas. It has a bold and robust red and gold design to complement the holiday’s theme. The rolling pay-table on the screen at the edge will nudge you of guaranteed bonuses. The traditional symbols also contribute to the simplicity of the slot. It has a bit of a retro feel as well with its traditional theme.


Ring the Bells Review Summary


If you like the sort of games that will remind you of the holiday season all year, this game is sure to satisfy you. Not only that, but it also has excellent bonuses that will make you feel as if Santa Claus has indeed come to town. With an RTP of 97.3%, it is hard to complain. It is not much of a graphics and animation looker, but the progressive jackpot is worth the try.

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