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Street Magic House Review


Interested and curious about how magicians do their questionable sleight of hand tricks? Have you ever thought of knowing how magicians do their rabbit hat tricks? Introducing Play’n GO releases a new magic-themed game with a charming magician who can show you the ropes of more unique hat tricks—granting players coin rewards, multipliers, and free spins!

Street Magic takes players into the mysterious streets to assist the suave magician in performing his signature performances that are way better than pulling the old rabbit out of the hat. The game’s theme features familiar items owned by the attractive con artist such as handcuffs, padlocks, rings, pocket watches, and so much more. If luck is on your side, the magician might whip up a couple of sleight of hands to increase players’ winning streaks.




Street Magic is a five-reel and 20 pay line video slot; walk through the dark backstreets and enter the magician’s small gig to begin the curious wonders he has up for offer. The magic show starts with the player placing their bet through pressing the Max Bet button that allows players to adjust the stake they want. Players can bet to a maximum of $ 100 or a minimum of $ 0.20 if they please. Moreover, there are new coin choices located on the game reel’s lower area, giving the player a selection of coin prizes they want to choose for the player’s starting bet. Players might want to keep an extra eye out on the street magician because, in this game, he serves as the Wild symbol, along with his con artist tools of handcuffs, padlocks, and the lot that represent high-value symbols in the game. At the same time, the usual hearts, spades, diamonds, and clovers represent lower-value symbols. The more players’ land winning combinations by collecting magician Wild symbols can activate the exceptional performances done by the magician. Watch as Wilds turn into expanded Wilds as the game enables three bonus features after landing on winning combinations.


Special Game Features


Play’n GO’s Street Magic has high-frequency game features and animations designed to reel the players into the mysterious tricks by our charming magician.

1.)   Wild Symbols

We’ve heard of David Blaine or Houdini as they win the attention of the masses through their famous magic tricks. In this game, the street magician is the Wild symbol and replaces all other symbols but not the high valued symbols. Landing on three Wilds grants players more chances of earning rewards and activating the game’s bonus features.

2.)   Free Spins

Free spins are frequent in most video slot games. However, players still can’t help but ask for more free spins when it’s as easy as a magic trick. Street Magic offers generous free spins by allowing the player to choose between three random golden cards. Each card contains eight, ten, or 12 free spins that the players can choose at random.

3.)   Bonus Rounds

Street Magic has two bonus rounds that show players the feeling of being on a god’s good side. The features activate after the player lands winning combinations with the Wild and high-value symbols.

4.)   Wild Shuffle

There are no Scatters found in this game. However, the magician Wild symbol can also serve as the game’s Scatter. Landing on three of these Wild symbols can trigger some of the game’s bonus features, such as the Wild Shuffle. Our resident street magician performs the trick after the player lands two Wild symbols on the game reel and distributes four Wild symbols on random reels of the game.

5.)   Expanding Man

If you can’t get enough of our charming street magician, well, you’re in luck. Street Magic also features expanded Wilds that can fill up an entire reel. The two magician Wilds that the player was able to land on will expand and create two Wild reels, showing the street magician in their full view and also grant players extra bonuses as the player continues to play.


Game Design


The players meet this mysterious, handsome, and charming persona by the backstreets and show them one of their spectacular tricks. It’s not the classic rabbit out of the hat trick; however, with every random card, it is a chance to score coin rewards and spins. The background music accompanies the game’s theme with its mysterious instrumentals that keep players curious and on the edge of their seats. At the same time, the animation and graphics in Street Magic are high quality, well-detailed, and smooth transitioning. The game features two bonus features that use smooth animations to make the game’s resident magician realistic. Furthermore, with the game’s resolution size of 16:9, it can be playable on different digital platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and tablets.



Play’n GO’s may have created slot machine games that share the same magic genre, but they never fail to make new games unique from the other. Street Magic presents its players an exciting slot game with excellent quality graphics and animation that gives players an exclusive magic show experience and, at the same time earning wins and bonuses as they play along. The video slot has a 96.46% return to player percentage mechanism for the player to enjoy all their winnings as they play through this magic-themed slot game.

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