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Top o the money House Review


The luck of the Irish is widely known, which makes it understandable that casino games such as Rainbow Ryan use an Irish theme for its interface.  However, it is far from the only one.

Top o’ the Money by Novomatic is a PC and mobile slot game that brings the spirit of the Irish mythos to the fore with hints of a pot of gold at rainbow’s end. The name itself triggers feelings of cheer, bolstered by red-headed leprechauns dressed in green as well as the cheery music and sound effects. Visually, Top o’ the Money is redolent with Irish-related clichés such as four-leaf clovers, rainbows, pipes, pots of gold, leprechauns, and pints of Guinness.

This non-progressive game features just 20 paylines in 5 3D video reels with low volatility. Each spin of the reel gives 20 lines to play, and the player can change the wager per spin using the plus-minus boxes.  If a player is feeling lucky, the auto play button is available .

Obviously, more money means a higher payout when the reels land on three or more symbols on a single spin. If the player hits 5 Top o’ the Money logos, he or she quadruples the wager, whether it is the minimum of 20 pence or maximum of £100.

Landing enough of the right symbol combinations gets you closer to that 20,000 coin jackpot and beyond. A four-leaf clover or shamrock is a wild card, substituting for other icons next to it to complete a winning combination. The game logo is also high-paying, potentially giving out 40,000 coins when five of them show up. Other icons that pay well are the pipe and leprechaun. Even when a 5-icon spin does not happen, the game is relatively generous with payouts compared to the majority of slot games.

However, what really keeps a player going aside from actually winning money is the multiple bonuses awarded in-game.


Colossal Reel


The Colossal Reel Bonus is a random bonus that could pop up at the start of any spin where a large reel takes the place of the 5 smaller reels and has a multiplier of increasing the potential payout to up to 35 times the wager. A leprechaun spins it a few times and the multipliers add up at the end to determine the extra cash payout before returning to the regular game. Watch out for the pot of gold, which will indicate the number of free spins after a freefall bonus.




The Freefall Bonus or the tumbling reels feature replaces the regular icons in a regular reel with wild symbols, which include the shamrock and 10 of Ace. These wilds can help increase the player’s chances of winning one after the other, in turn earning free spins. When in Freefall mode, the reels light up for winning combinations. The mode ends when wins stop.


Free Spins


Free spins begin to accumulate when a player hits 5 consecutive winning combos in the Freefall Bonus. Five consecutive winning spins will give 5 free spins, while 7 wins can lead to 10 free spins.  Free spins can significantly increase the potential payout for players, so this feature adds considerably more enjoyment for the game.




Top O’ The Money pays out a satisfying amount of entertainment and satisfaction. Players get extended play and a relatively good chance of winning, mostly because of multiple bonuses and free spin features.

It is a particularly good game for low rollers because each spin has a minimum of only 20 pence. Payouts do tend to be on the low side, but because of the bonuses, wilds, and free spins, the risks are also a lot lower than other slot games. That makes it a lot more about enjoying the game than winning money.

That said, the Irish theme is not just about visual design. Many players walk away with a good chunk of change over their wagers, again because of the bonus rounds. Multipliers are not as accessible as free spins, but that just enhances the satisfaction when they do come up.

However, the game does tend to become more volatile the longer it is played, making it more difficult to win or even hit on bonus modes. It might be thrilling to see those icons wink in and out of existence as wins stack up or disappear, but it would be a good policy to go for the quick wins and walk away.

It can be a lot of fun playing Top o’ the Money for a while, but it would be a bad idea to keep at it for any length of time as the luck can turn. Keep playing while it is enjoyable, but be ready to step away when the bonuses stop coming.

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