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Victorious Slot Review!


Victorious Slot isn’t your average Roman arena themed slot game. Having been developed by NetEnt it offers staggering rewards through easy gameplay that has been designed over 5 reels and 243 betways. The theme has been designed with animated graphics that sport a more classic look as opposed to NetEnt’s famous 3D slots.


The crisp and clear imagery boasts symbols that depict ancient Rome, the Coliseum and warriors going into battle. It is a strong theme that is rich with special features including free spins, wilds and a jackpot prize of 5000 coins!


NetEnt has made the theme fully interactive, giving players the opportunity to adjust special features to personalize the game more.


The game has been uniquely designed to stand apart from other NetEnt creations and Victorious has accomplished this by giving players the opportunity to choose how they would like the game to play out.


Victorious Slot Gameplay


From the very beginning of Victorious, you are greeted by a thrilling invitation to choose how you want your game to roll out. Choose between Victorious Max and Victorious, 2 new features that have been tweaked by NetEnt to deliver a more personalized gaming experience. Once your option has been selected you are taken to the game where you are in control of how it plays out.


All the gaming functionality is located at the bottom of the screen and you are able to choose exactly how much you want to wager upon every spin. For bets with the same weight, the autospin feature allows up to 1000 automated spins and they can be cancelled at whim allowing you to take control once again.


Other adjustable features include the audio settings. Here you can choose to listen to the themed music which is intense and even more so upon landing a winning combination. There is a ‘level’ feature which allows you to choose the level of winning options. The higher the level, the bigger the win but the higher the wager is. The levels range from 1 to 10.


Additional Game Features


One of the most lucrative features is the free spins feature. This is activated when 3 to 5 golden Caesar crowns land on the reels in unison. When 3 of these symbols appear 15 free spins are activated, 4 activates 20 free spins and 5 activates 25 free spins. What adds value to this feature is that each of these free spins is multiplied by 6x, offering staggering rewards throughout the battle on the screen.


The highest paying symbol is the Roman emperor when 5 of these symbols appear on the screen the jackpot of 5000 coins is activated and paid out.


What makes Victorious unique are the two options players can switch between. These options change the volatility of the game. The two options are Max and Classic. Maximum being the higher paying option but slightly tougher to activate and Classic being easier to activate but this version pays slightly less. You are able to easily switch between the two by selecting the button located at the bottom of the screen, allowing bets to change and opportunities to win more increase with each spin!


Game Design


Victorious is a strong theme. It has been designed with the intent to entertain and it has accomplished this tenfold. The golden hues of the game give the theme its original feel of richness. The symbols are more dated to give the theme a classic feel and deliver an animated war story.


The music, which eventually comes to a halt during gameplay, adds to the intensity of the theme. Once the music has died down, you are left with the sound effects of the reels spinning and victory sounds upon landing a winning combination.


All functionality is made possible by the design which has placed at the bottom of the screen. The paytable contains essential information for those looking to see how the game pays and what symbols are stronger.


NetEnt has made every feature user friendly, so for those new to Victorious, navigating throughout gameplay comes easily. The design is bright and welcoming, laid out to be appreciated by all.


Victorious Slot Review Summary


Victorious is ideal for the player looking for variety and with a keen appreciation for Roman war themes. The games adjustable functionality allows for a more personalized gaming experience which is changed up by the two gaming options from the very beginning of the game.


Having the unusual betting system of 243 ways which provide the option to change the volatility – is ideal for those with either smaller or larger bankroll’s as the outcome is based on the version of Victorious chosen to begin with. Players can easily switch between the game modes, allowing more entertainment for longer gaming periods.


Victorious is a brilliant modern slot game with a classic feel ideal for those looking for action and entertainment with a strong possibility of unlocking the 5000 coin jackpot!


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