How to win at slots? (or at least trying to)


Slot machine games are not uniform; they are as varied as you can make them. Slots are available in multiple categories, including classic slots, video slots, and progressive slots. Within each broad category are many themed attractions. There are 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, and scores of others available to players. Players get to choose from a fixed number of paylines, or a variable number of paylines, with several slots featuring hundreds of ways to win. There are adventure-laden slot games, action-packed slots, romance-themed slots, and even horror slots for players to enjoy. It is against this backdrop – this compendium of slot machine games – that players are presented with this guide on how to win at slots.



The big question is the following: Are there really any tips on how to win at slots?


Every slot machine game is unique, although many are similar. These computer-generated games with random outcomes feature prominently at casinos online, and at land-based casinos too. Each slot machine game has a specific number of reels (3 or 5), a set number of paylines (or ways to win), minimum/maximum bet selections, and a unique payout schedule. The latter category is particularly important when choosing a slot machine game. It is a known fact that Penny Slots are notoriously low payers, much like progressive jackpot slots games. The RTP (Return to Player) is the flipside of the house edge – they are opposite sides of the same coin.


Your objective as a slot machine player is to find slot machine games with the highest RTP, or the lowest house edge. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. The RTP is a theoretical concept which indicates how much the player can expect to win back over the long term. It is expressed as a percentage of every $1 that you bet on the slot machine game. The following RTPs and house edges are common in slot machine games:


  • 94% RTP – Players can expect to win back $0.94 of every $1.00 wagered over the long-term. The house edge on such a game is 6%.
  • 95% RTP – players can expect to win back $0.95 of every $1.00 wagered over the long-term. The house edge on such a game is 5%.
  • 96% RTP – players can expect to win back $0.96 of every $1.00 wagered over the long-term. The house edge on such a game is 4%.
  • 97% RTP – players can expect to win back $0.97 of every $1.00 wagered over the long-term. The house edge on such a game is 3%.


From the aforementioned examples, it is clear that the higher the RTP, the lower the house edge, and the more profitable it is for a player on that particular slot machine game. Finding the RTP of the slot machine game is usually pretty straightforward – look under the ‘Info’ or ‘Rules’ section of the game and scroll through to the end where the RTP is usually listed.


Should you Play Jackpot Slots or Not?


Jackpot slots games are typically high volatility slots games. Volatility indicates the level of risk that is associated with the game. A high volatility game pays more than a low volatility game, but the likelihood of winning is lower. When you do strike the jackpot with a high volatility slot machine game, you can expect windfall winnings to come your way.


By contrast, a low volatility slot machine game pays out more frequently, but the size of the payouts is significantly smaller. In this vein, you could compare low volatility slot machine games to Penny Slots and high volatility slot machine games to progressive jackpot slots. The particular slot machine game that you play – in terms of volatility – has a direct bearing on your chances of winning.


If you happen to go with a high volatility slot machine game, be prepared to burn through your bankroll without many wins coming your way. You will need to increase the size of your budget if you intend to make high volatility slots a staple of your casino gaming sessions. Low volatility slots by contrast, don’t require as big a bankroll, but you also can’t expect to win the types of payouts that you would get on a high volatility slot machine game.


Fortunately, slot machine players routinely flit between both options, often without even knowing the difference between a high volatility slot and a low volatility slot. The best way to determine whether a slot machine game is high-risk or low-risk is by running a search for that game, or an unbiased review of that slot machine game. Casinofy recommends running a search with the slot machine game software developer – since this is the most accurate assessment you can get.


Volatility can be challenging to compute, so self-analysis of variance is perhaps best avoided. A better option is reliance on informational sources such as reputable casino reviews, or casino game profiles courtesy of the software developer. Low volatility slots are characterized by small wins on a regular basis. High volatility slots are characterized by outsized wins on an irregular basis. If you are determined to test the volatility of slot machine games on your own, you should use inventive ways of doing this.


One such way of evaluating the volatility of a slot machine game is by boosting your bankroll at no additional cost yourself. Bonuses and promotional offers are a great way to get this done. No deposit bonuses, match deposit bonuses, multi-deposit bonuses, as well as free spins are failsafe ways to test the volatility of slot machine games. The bigger the wins, and the more infrequent they are, the greater the volatility. The smaller the wins and the more frequent they are, the lower the volatility.


Only Play Slots at Licensed Online Casinos with Reputable Software Providers


In this day and age, there are enough fully licensed and regulated online casinos, with credible software providers to choose from. It is unnecessary, unwarranted, and unwise to play at an online casino that is not fully licensed and regulated by an official government agency such as the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission), or even the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC). Over the years, gambling authorities have cracked the whip on software providers, and online casinos that operate out of their jurisdiction. As a case in point, the KGC only allows legal online gambling services to countries, territories, and jurisdictions within its authorized framework.


Fortunately, Casinofy has compiled a listing of expertly-reviewed online casinos, all of which are licensed and regulated by gambling authorities to offer real-money games to players. These operators are fully vetted, credible, and recommended online slots casinos.


The question is often posed about bet sizing with slot machine games. There are two schools of thought on this topic. The first one states that players should always play at maximum bets to ensure the maximum payout if the jackpot strikes. The second school of thought is that players should play at the maximum bet level they can afford, given their budget/bankroll.


The best way to merge these opposing schools of thought is as follows: Take the maximum allocation that you’re prepared to spend on slots a.k.a. your budget, and determine which slot machine games you can afford to play at maximum bet level, based on that budget. If you’re looking to extend your slots gaming sessions as long as possible, pick less-expensive slots games with lower overall jackpot amounts.


Be sure to claim your registration bonus, and maximize use of free spins.  If you are going after the progressive jackpot, you will need to bet at the maximum level for your chance to hit a jackpot.


This instructive guide on how to win at slots will serve you well for all your slots gaming sessions.we encourage you to play responsibly,  Whether you’re playing classic slots, video slots, or jackpot slots, use this slots guide to enhance your gaming sessions, extend your bankroll, and enjoy more with online slots games.

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