Slot Machine Tips


Slot machine games are games of chance. There is nothing a player can do to influence the outcome of a slot machine game once the spin button has been depressed. The tactical and strategic plays that are implemented by players are designed to identify slot machine games with high RTPs, strong entertainment appeal, and value for money. The outcomes of slot machine games are governed entirely by Random Number Generators (RNGs). These sophisticated computer programs randomize the outcomes of every spin, to prevent manipulation by players or casino operators. The result is as close to a truly random outcome as possible. Given this backdrop, the best slot machine tips cut through the myth, superstition, and gobbledygook, providing players with workable tactics and strategies.




It is worth reiterating the purpose of providing slot machine tips:


  • Manage your bankroll effectively
  • Understanding jackpot mechanisms
  • Extend your bankroll as much as possible
  • Coping with variance in slot machine play
  • Enhance your enjoyment of slot machine games
  • Maximize use of bonuses and promotional offers
  • Carefully selecting the right slot machine games to play
  • Knowing how to identify high payout slot machine games
  • Learning to avoid lot machine games with low RTPs and a high house edge


Slot machine tips, when implemented effectively, can serve as your best defense against reckless expenditure at the casino. The first step in any slot machine strategy is the setting up of a budget. Your budget is your lifeline at the casino. It should represent precisely how much you are prepared to lose, and can afford to lose, without adversely affecting your financial situation. Think of a slot machine budget along the same lines as a vacation budget. The money is going to be spent for enjoyment purposes, and once you have exhausted your budget, it’s time to stop playing. This automatically invokes several ancillary rules:


  • Never gamble with borrowed money
  • Never gamble under the influence of substances
  • Never chase your losses under any circumstances
  • Never gamble in the hopes of paying for day-to-day expenses


Your slots budget represents exactly how much you’re prepared to spend on your slots gaming sessions. It is advisable that you pick your slots games ahead of time, given your budget. If Slot Machine Game A costs $1 per spin and your slot budget is $300, you can effectively spin 300 times. However, if Slot Machine Game B costs $5 per spin, your $300 budget will only get you 60 spins.


This is Lesson #1 For Slot Machine Tips: Ensure that your budget matches the games you are going to be playing.


Considering that the average slot machine player can complete between 500 and 800 spins per hour, a $300 budget at $1 will keep you playing for about 30 minutes. At $5 per spin, you’re looking at a couple of minutes worth of play at most. If you’re a new player at an online casino, be sure to check out the online casino bonuses and promotional offers which may help you to extend your gaming sessions with an added boost your bankroll. No deposit bonuses with attractive wagering terms and conditions are best. And before you play for real, always test the games in demo mode first.


Check the RTPs of the Slot Machine Games


The following slot machine tip is incredibly important. The Return to Player percentage represents how much you can expect to win back on your money, over the long term. Slot machine RTPs typically vary from 88% on the low end to 96%/97% on the high end, depending on where you play. Online slot machine games have much better RTPs, given that online casinos have lower costs of operations and can afford to be more generous to players. Having said that, it is still worth checking out the RTPs of slot machine games by clicking on the ‘Info’ button alongside the slot game. The RTP is a theoretical figure, assessed over millions of spins. With a 96% RTP, you can expect to win back $96 for every $100 that you spend on that game over the long term.


A caveat is in order: We are dealing with theoretical concepts when we talk of RTPs. It is entirely possible that you can double your $100 in a short-term spell of gaming, or lose it all. However, the RTPs are independently tested and audited for accuracy by agencies like eCOGRA Safe & Fair, and TST (Technical Systems Testing), so they are accurately calibrated to ensure a long-term payback to players. Software developers provide casinos with a variety of RTPs which they can choose from for slot machine games. The house edge is simply 100-RTP.


This slot machine tip is easy to implement, since all slot machine games at online casinos have a ‘more info’ section which provides game rules, payout combinations, and the RTP.


Choosing Slots Games with or without Jackpots?


The majority of online slots players prefer to play jackpot slots games, for obvious reasons. However, the progressive jackpot slots are notoriously poor payers, with low RTPs. Put differently, your odds of winning a progressive jackpot are significantly smaller than a local area jackpot on an individual slot machine game, or a small group of slot machine games. Since a progressive jackpot slot pools players from many different places at many different casinos, a percentage of every wager goes towards the jackpot prize pool. A winner of a progressive jackpot is typically required to wager at the maximum bet level, and have good fortune on their side. Anything other than a max bet on a progressive jackpot slot machine game will not yield the full pay day. It is effectively a wasted bet.


That being said, it is important to understand that there are notable differences in payout potential between penny slots, $1 slots, $5 slots, $10 slots, $100 slots, et cetera. As the cost per spin increases from penny slots to $100 slots, so too does the corresponding RTP, in the player’s favor. Penny slots games are notoriously poor payers, yet they are immensely popular with players because they are supposedly cheap to play. Truth be told, you have to wager multiple coins per line, and multiple lines on a penny slot game in order to spin the reels. At the end of the day, a penny slot is not quite the best proposition for slot machine players on a limited budget. You may stand a better chance on a different game.


How Should You Manage Variance as a Slot Machine Player?


Variance is a fancy word to describe the ups and downs that you experience as a gambler. You may be on a hot streak when you’re winning a lot every hour, or on a cold streak where you cannot seem to get anything to go in your favor. The best way to manage variance is with a measured approach. Divide your slots session into manageable components of X amount of minutes or X amount of dollars. If you burn through your entire bankroll while you are going through a bad beat, or a poor run of form, you do yourself a disservice.


With a $300 budget, you may wish to divide your slots bankroll into 3 x $100 increments, and give yourself time in between. Perhaps take a break, watch a TV show, go out for a walk, read the news et cetera. It’s important to have distance between yourself and the gambling activity when you are experiencing ups and downs in your gaming sessions. Take some time out to refocus and come back when you are feeling confident again.  Too many players think they should just play through a poor run of form because the inevitable upswing is coming – there are no guarantees in gambling. Take a breather and come back again later.



These slot machine tips are designed to help players understand the subtle nuances of slot machine game play. Certain slots pay better than others, and it is worth researching the best paying slots before you deposit real money and play. Use your budget wisely, collect a no deposit bonus if possible, or a match deposit bonus from a reputable Casinofy reviewed online casino. Enjoy the games!

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