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Wolf Hunters Slot Review , Bonus, and FREE demo game at Casinofy.com


Wolf Hunters is an online slot game with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Horror-themed with plenty of surprise wilds and free spins, this is the type of game that you’d enjoy playing on a dark, dreary night. As it takes you on multiple quests to hunt the werewolf,  keep your village safe, and earn awards and coins, this is one game that will keep consistently keep you at the edge of your seats as you play.


Undeniably eerie and exciting – you will be playing against a backdrop of a moonlit evening with nothing but empty buildings (no doubt hunted) in your line of sight. Your quest then is to find the werewolf that has been terrorising your town.


Together with those who have been summoned to fight beside you, this game has the potential to take you on a wild ride while you earn your rewards.  Find out more about this exciting game from Yggdrasil Gaming in the sections below.




Veiled by the night with eerie sounds in the backdrop, this game is certainly not for the faint of heart. While many gamers do back out because of sheer horror, the gameplay might convince you to give it a try.


The narrative that we’re following here is that you are on the prowl for a creature (presumed to be a werewolf) who has been antagonising your village. You and a couple of other Wolf Hunters will be paroling the streets in the hopes of catching the night terror.


As you go through the game, you’ll be working with multiple symbols such as purple spades, blue diamonds, red hearts, and green clubs – all relatively low in value. You’ll also encounter stakes, monster traps, poison, and even the beast/ werewolf. The werewolf symbol is what you need to look out for as it is the highest paying symbol on all reels.


If you have the mettle to go on this heroic quest, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the controls of the game. These controls are as follows:


The Coin Value +/-You will help you set your cash bet depending on your risk appetite.

You can easily set the bet to the maximum limit by simply clicking the Max Bet.

Once everything has been set, you can begin playing by setting the reels into motion with the Spin control.

As you make progress in the game, you might prefer to hit the Autoplay button that automatically spins the reels for you.


Additional Game Features


This game had been designed for maximum excitement, so be ready for new and exciting features that you’ve likely never encountered before.


Before we get into these novel features, let’s explore the standard ones first. Firs of all, we have the usual free spins that can be categorized into three types. There’s the Regular Free Spin, the Slayer Free Spin, and the Hunter Free Spin. These modes are equipped with their own hair-raising features that can get you closer to confronting the werewolf. As you get more spins, the stronger and more able you become to fight your adversary.


There is a Hunter Upgrades feature included in the game as well. This gets triggered when you collect 3 bonus symbols in your free spins. All these can, of course, get you closer to the winning jackpot, but you need to be on the lookout for the Werewolf Symbol. When this appears, any of your Hunter characters have the chance to attack the wolf. If you win, the werewolf gets substituted into a wild and increases the health of your characters (tabulated as Hunters rage).


Game Design


To anyone who’s looking for a good scare and an exciting new game, you’ll get what you’re looking for in this new game released by Yggdrasil Gaming. It’s unapologetically eerie, with a soundtrack that can cause your spine to tingle when you play.


Everything about this game is on-theme, from the backdrop to all the symbols that it uses. Each has been designed meticulously – so kudos to the developers and the designers of this game! It has a narrative that is simple yet engaging as well.




When it comes to horror-themed games, ambiance plays a very big role. Obviously, the makes of Wolf Hunters recognises this and have created a wholly eerie and action-packed game that has kept us coming back for more hair-raising fun.


The sound effects, the animations, the graphics – these are all a joy to see unfold. Of course, partnered with the features that it introduces, this game is easily one of our favorites in Yggdrasil’s game library.


This comes in a medium to high variance that can multiply your bets to up to 2,500x the original. Give it a try and be ready to be fully engrossed with the storyline.

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