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5xMagic House Review


Video slot games have becomes so sophisticated that it can be refreshing to go back to basics. 5xMagic by Play N Go is definitely a blast from the past. Released in 2015, it harks back to games of a simpler time with the look of a land-based classic slot machine, but compatible for play on desktop and mobile devices.


The appeal to traditionalists is obvious, from the design to the magic theme, much like the more complicated Double Magic by Microgaming. However, Play N Go did add features that most players have come to expect for video slots.  Read on to find out how this classically-styled game fares in the review.




The setup for 5x Magic slot is much as you would expect for a game with a magic theme. The background is a large polished wood stage with heavy red curtains with the game window placed squarely in the middle.


The game window has three large reels with five rows, and does a good approximation of the movement of mechanical reels as the player spins it.


5x Magic only has 5 paylines, indicated by the numbers on the left side of the game window. Paylines 1, 2, and 3 are straight lines from left to right for the middle rows.


Payline 4 is a diagonal line from top left to bottom right, while payline 5 runs from the bottom left to the top right. Players will see gaps in the reels where no symbols are displayed.


The player has the option to decide on how many paylines will be active during a game by going to the menu, selecting Bet, and using the Lines slider.

However, this greatly reduces the chances of the player to maximize the payouts and win the jackpot.The player can


also choose to adjust the bet and the value of coins in the Bet tab of the menu.


Coins per payline range from 1 to 5, and coin cash value ranges from 0.10 to 1.00.


Symbols used in the game are uncluttered. There is the magician, magician’s hat, the 5x, and the single, double, and triple bar symbols.




Regular symbols include the bars and the magician. These always have to be three on a payline to qualify for a payout.

The lowest value ones are the single bar symbols, paying 10 coins for three on a payline. For double and triple bar wins, the payouts are 20 and 30 coins, respectively. Matching magician symbols plays 50 coins


The magician’s hat is a special symbol, serving as the scatter. Two scatters on a payline qualify for a win, multiplying the wager by 2. Three scatters multiply that by 25, so that is a big one.


The 5x is the wild, and in 5x Magic, this means it can match with any symbol on a payline except the magician’s hat to create a win line and multiplies that win by 5. If there are two 5x wilds on a payline, that multiplies the payout by 25.


When a spin lands three 5x symbols on a payline, the multiplier will depend on which payline the wilds land. For the middle payline (1), the multiplier is 2500 for the line wager.

For the upper middle payline (2), the multiplier is 3000 while for the lower middle payline (3), the multiplier is 3500. For the top left to bottom right payline (4), the multiplier is 4000, while for the bottom left to top right payline (5), the multiplier is 5000 for the line wager.

This last combination considered the jackpot for the game.




5x Magic is certainly a very basic video slot, and for some people, this is just fine.  The simplicity and flexibility on the bets makes it possible for players to enjoy the game without being too anxious about the risk.


The lack of features might be a deal breaker for many players looking for extended play and/or big payouts, and that would be fine. Since 5x Magic is a highly volatile game with a relatively low RTP at 95.42%, it would not be realistic to expect too much in terms of winnings.


That said, if a player has the patience and resources to place a respectable line wager and work on hitting the jackpot, the payout could be significant.


Overall, 5x Magic is a 50-50 proposition for most players. High volatility, simple play, almost no action, and potentially good payouts can appeal and repel at the same time. It might serve as a nice break from more complex games or it might become the go-to video slot for serious players more focused on playing slots than with the bells and whistles and with the resources to play the long game.

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