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Bars and Bells Slot House Review


Slot machine games have grown and changed over the years. Developers have made tons of innovative themes and exciting concepts, releasing new slot machine games with trendy features that revamp old fashioned slot machine games.

Occasionally, players would look back with a pang of nostalgia on slot machines of old. Bars and Bells slot is the perfect slot machine for those who miss the classic neat Vegas slot machine.


Bars and Bells is a video slot game produced by NextGen Gaming that pays tribute to the old school slot machine game. The slot machine game promises its players a 95% return to the player percentage that will surely keep the players on the edge of their seats.


Bars and bells slot Gameplay


Bars and Bells video slot play on five reels and 20-line with three rows of symbols based on the classic fruit slots. Inspired by the old-school slot machines, Bars and Bells have modern and unique features that players should keep an eye on. The minimum wage is $€ 0.40, while the maximum bet is $€ 250. The game begins by the player setting their chance by using the directional arrows found at the bottom left for changing the coin size.


The Bars and Bells game slot also has a denomination range from 0.02 to 5.00. The player should push around 1,2,3,4 or 5 credits each line. The player must bet on all 20 tracks. One of the unique features of this game is The Streak Breaker bonus, which will always be on standby throughout the player’s gameplay. Furthermore, the additional bet of 5 coins pays out an immediate premium once the player gets zero wins five times in a row.


Moreover, Bar and Bells give players plenty of thrill for playing. A melodic soundtrack plays when the player hits a kind win is reminiscent of the actual classic slot machine. Bells are the Wild symbol in this slot game and help in getting helpful hits quite more natural. Nothing gets a player more excited as watching the Bars and Bells symbols scatter. Having three or more distributes grants the player a chance to win free spins! Another game feature would be the random Shake ‘N’ Pays that pays out from 20 to 5000 credits at random.


Before the game starts, the player gets to reveal many spins that will play out through, and a multiplier that will boost the worth of all prizes won throughout the gameplay. Players will see two panels with nine sections, and once the player clicks on one, a spin and multiplier combination will appear. If the player is lucky to get three identical symbols, while the spin starts, it is possible that combinations will go from five spins on a 2x multiplier to 20 with a tripled multiplier.


Tips on Betting:


Scoring the most significant rewards in Bars and Bells is through its Streak Breaker Feature, which brings a whole lot of cash into play. The player places extra five coins each spin, now sits back and waits for five losing spins in a row, and the player gets a chance to reel in a big prize. Bars and Bells make losing such a good deal. Furthermore, the Shake’N’Pays feature also gives away an extra 20 to 5000 credits.


Additional Game Features


Keep an eye on Bars and Bells’ unique game features that could make the game even more exciting to play.


  • Wilds


The Wild symbol in Bars and Bells is the golden bell image—the standard way of the Wild acts as a substitute for all other symbols other than the Scatter. Better keep an eye on that. The player sees the wild at their first spin in the game; this gives them up to 5000 coins per spin. This grants them the chance to get a regular win or receive a bonus feature.


  • Scatters


The Scatter symbol for Bars and Bells is the game’s logo itself. The scatter activates the free spins feature once it appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel on the game. When this occurs, the player will be presented with a board that shows a different number hidden with free spin and a multiplier.


  • Bonus Rounds


Bars and Bells have the unique bonus features that old slot machines don’t have. These bonus rounds feature the Streak Breaker and the random Shake’ N’Pays that give the player additional rewards during losing spins.


  • Free Spins


The Bars and Bells logo will appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, if the player gets a chance to land on any of those reels, they get to have free spins. The lowest award is five spins with a 2x multiplier, while the biggest is 20 spins with a 3x multiplier.


  • Streak Breaker


The Streak Breaker bonus, which will always be on standby throughout the player’s gameplay. There is also a free bonus reward that players could get a chance to get their hands on for losing streaks. Furthermore, it will cost the player a new five plays for each 20 play bet. Collect five coins on the meter, and the player gets a chance to earn a consolation prize of a denomination.


  • Shake ‘N’ Pays


Another bonus feature is called Shake ‘N’ Pays, where a symbol falls from the reels to the bottom.

It is a random feature, and it isn’t triggered by anything the player does on the reels. yet the results come with unexpected credits on their account.


Game Design


The theme of Bars and Bells slothas the retro feel to modern virtual video slot games and it centers around the classic slot machine icons of bars, bells, and assorted fruits. All of them are drawn like the vintage slot game but added with a modern twist of computer design. The lucky 7 is the highest value symbol in the game and splash with bright red. Behind its value hides three black bars that could be of great luck. There are four fruits rounding the symbol collection, each with different bonuses and purpose in the gameplay.




Bars and Bells is the perfect blast from the past game and has stood in both live casino and online casino play, becoming one of NextGen gaming’s most successful produced games yet. It gives the classic slot machine a touch of innovation from virtual advancements. Quite an enjoyable game, no room for disappointment since the game provides the player with free spins for losses in a row. Another lovable classic that one should not miss out on and will undoubtedly keep you entertained with its charm.


With all that stated, Bar and Bells is a nostalgic slot game experience that players should at least try to test their luck on with a few spins and see what it felt like winning like the good old days.

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