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Fruit Bonanza House review


Time for some fruity fun. Play’n GO’s Fruit Bonanza is 5-reel video slot with nine paylines. It offers simple and easy gameplay but without bonus games and free spins. It’s an ideal choice for players who like basic and simple reel slots. It has jackpot prizes if you hit the right combination.


Fruit Bonanza is a progressive game, which means the jackpots increase every time they are not won. But players need to place the maximum bet to qualify and win the jackpot prizes. Don’t worry. Even if you place in smaller bets, you’ll still win coins for every winning combination.


When it comes to the overall design, Fruit Bonanza sticks to its simplicity, but Play’n GO has made sure that it still looks neat and good.


The five reels are decorated with various fruits, bells, horseshoes, clovers, and the horn of baskets. The colour choices are nice, reflecting the common fruit hues. The background music isn’t that grand. But if you hit the jackpot symbol, the music speeds up and produces a more exciting feel.


Fruity Gameplay


Like most video slot machines by Play’n GO, the round doesn’t formally begin without placing your bet.


There are two parameters to complete your bet. You have to set your desired number of coins (1-5) and the payline (1-9). The coin value is fixed at 0.10. Once you’re satisfied with your bet, click the SPIN button to begin the round. Remember that you can no longer adjust your bet while the game is running.


There is an AUTO PLAY option if you want to run consecutive rounds without stopping. The choices are 10, 20, 50, 75, and 100. But take note that AUTO PLAY is automatically disabled if you don’t have enough funds or it has reached the limits you have set. You can also disable the AUTO PLAY mode any time you want by clicking the STOP button.


Don’t forget to check the PAYTABLE. It’s where you’ll see the worth of winning combinations. Based on the PAYTABLE and the rules of the game, payline wins happen on the selected number of paylines. In the event when you win on multiple paylines in a single round, all wins are added, including those that come from the FEATURES. You receive the total wins at the end of the round.


Fruity Features


This game only offers two features: the scatter symbol and the jackpot symbol. Let’s get to each of them.


  • The scatter symbol is a colourful fan with the word SCATTER. Two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels are considered a win. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet you have placed before the round and are added to the payline wins. Two scatters double your total bet. If there are three, four, or five, your total bet gets multiplied by five, 20, and 400, respectively.


  • The jackpot symbol is the horn of fruits. You need to get, at least, three jackpot symbols to win any of the prizes.


– Fruit Jackpot – Three jackpot symbols appearing on any active payline

– Juice Jackpot – Four jackpot symbols appearing on any active payline

– Bonanza Jackpot – Five jackpot symbols on any paylines from 1 to 8

– Super Jackpot – Five jackpot symbols on payline 9


Fruit Bonanza Progressive Jackpot


Check the PAYTABLE to see the active payline combinations. Since this game has a progressive jackpot, a part of your bet is contributed to the progressive jackpot prizes. There are times when two players bag the jackpot at almost the same time. If that happens, the first winner receives 100 per cent of the prize, while the second winner gets the re-seeded jackpot value. When someone wins the jackpot, the value goes back to the initial seed value. The following are the seed values:


Small Jackpot  – €25.00

Medium Jackpot – €250.00

Large Jackpot  – €2,500.00

Mega Jackpot  – €25,000.00


Fruit Bonanza not so Fruity!


Fruit Bonanza embodies that simplicity in a reel slot. No complexities, just a plaid typical video slot, following the common fruity theme.


Its strongest edge is probably the four progressive jackpots, but it’s not as exciting as the other video slots that Play’n GO has produced. It doesn’t have features like the free spins, bonus games, and the GAMBLE round.

Besides that, it takes a while to take home the jackpot prize, which you can only win by betting the maximum bet. It’s not exactly an attractive factor.


Despite the lack of good points, Fruit Bonanza is still a nice game, especially if you just want something relaxing and budget-friendly. It has one of the lowest betting limits, so you can play if you don’t want anything too grand. There is a demo version of the game that you can try. Give it a spin and see if you can take home the FRUIT BONANZA.

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