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Gladiator Slot Review and FREE Demo game


Based on the well-known and intriguing Roman Empire, Gladiator slots is a 5-reel, 30 pay line online slot game. It has a few interesting features that make for exciting gameplay such as a Wild Card option, multiplier and bonus games. Gladiator slot itself could lead to big payouts, which is what most players look for, but this game also has excellent 3D graphics powered by the in-browser flash, that make it visually rewarding as well.


Gladiator slot makes use of symbols such as a princess, a gladiator, a horse, a flag, a chalice, a bag of gold and even a tiger. The apt use of the symbols, the graphics and the audio that accompanies gameplay creates a very exciting and immersive experience for players, transporting you to a time where gladiator warriors sacrificed their lives for victory and honour. It is certainly the kind of game that themed slot lovers will come back to play time and time again.




The Gladiator slot can be played for fun if you just want to enjoy the graphics and the excitement, or it can be played for real money, which leads to real payouts. Immersive trimmings aside, the Gladiator slot itself is not overly complicated to play and enjoy. The first step is to ensure that your device has a stable internet connection and you must also ensure that your browser of choice has an in-browser flash player e.g. Adobe, that can be activated so that you may access the Gladiator slot in all its glory.  Once you have the correct set-up to play the game, the battle begins. First off, players should adjust their wager. You can adjust the coin bet first, then decide on how many coins you would like to bet, select the number of lines you would like to play (this goes up to 30) and spin. For the daring and brave souls, increase the pay line number and hit max bet to up the stakes for a more rewarding game.  The game loads fast and there are no evidence to suggest that there are any latency issues with the software. Overall, gameplay can be described as seamless and easy.


Additional Game Features


While Gladiator slot is simple enough to play, there a few very intriguing and exciting features that set it apart from other games in the same category. Gladiator slot has a time-specific theme that is present throughout the game, being apt and relevant to that particular time. This earns the Gladiator slot more players who are sticklers to the finer details such as graphics, images that represent key features of gameplay and the audio that accompanies the game.


Gladiator slot features a wild card that is represented by the princess icon. If she lands in the first position of lines two, three or four then the payout is doubled if you had a winning combination, to begin with. Gladiator also has a scatter feature that is represented by the coliseum image. If you are lucky enough to score the scatter five times on any pay reel, you will be rewarded with 750 credits and any time you land the scatter symbol, you win even more.


There is, however, a maximum winning amount of 15,000 coins on the scatter feature.  There are also bonus games depending on the symbols you get. If you land a hero and a villain then you should prepare for a battle.


Game Design


Gladiator has a very unique design. As technology progresses, we are seeing more HD slot games surfacing within the industry. While it does look great, there are issues such as data usage, bandwidth and the capacity of your device that you must consider before playing these types of games. Gladiator, on the other hand, has kept things simple, reminding players that a slot game should be appealing but functional as well.


The graphics are by no means inferior. The three-dimensional design and depictions of the characters and symbols are both attractive and detailed enough. The colour scheme is not too eye-catching or distracting – it keeps to the muted tones of unpolished stones and Roman times. The audio that accompanies the game inserts just enough drama and background to what exactly a gladiator was in ancient times. This makes playing the game extremely exciting and immersive.


The set-up of the game is clear and concise with all options available. The option to check the paytable is not easily located but once you know what you are looking for, it is easy enough to find. Overall, the appearance of the game is pleasing and exciting.




Gladiator slot is one of the few online slots that have successfully integrated experience and functionality by focusing on the important aspects that their clients are concerned about. This includes working on a design that suits the eye but does not take away from the gameplay and the great features as well.  The game features a wild card and a bonus game if you are lucky enough to score the correct symbols, which just adds to the excitement of playing. There is a chance to win big with Gladiator slot if you bet big, with great bonuses available as well. Learning how to play this game would be extremely easy for a seasoned slot player and only mildly difficult for a novice player. Gladiator slots is a combination of appeal, functionality, ease, excitement and cater to those who have a keen eye for detail and high hopes for victory.

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