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Jackpot Poker Review


There are a whole lot of people that have been pushing their luck in video poker for about a number of years in certain land casinos but have never gotten that sweet thrill of landing the very first Royal Flush.

Of course, this is very different online since you’ll be able to play as many times as you possibly like with low stakes and high rewards waiting for the winners.




If you’ve lucked out on physical poker but are a master of video poker, Jackpot Poker game is definitely built especially for you! Imagine the thrill of winning again and again in progressive jackpots without actually having to place all those sorts of optional bets on the sides, and voila, you have Jackpot Poker made by Play’n GO!


Like other progressive jackpot games out there, the return percentage is a bit lower than other games. Really low? No! The RTP percentage is still at 91.3%! A very small part of every wager makes its way into the progressive pool we all want to swim in.


The RTP is still at a really high number, less than the total maximum bet because guess what… a Royal actually pays 1000:1, and it doesn’t even matter how many coins you’ve bet! This is definitely a full 4x much better than other Jacks or games out there.


If you can get five coins, well, the top award will be a progressive jackpot! This means to sit back, relax, and start playing away!


Jackpot Poker Gameplay


When playing Play’n GO’s Jackpot Poker, the only thing that will be required of you is to set the preferred stake by using the simple command bar found at the display’s bottom area.

It’s easy to adjust the total coin value along with the number of coins that enable you to start playing the game. No need to break the bank; just put down what’s comfortable. After setting your preference up, simply click the seen deal button.


The button will help you view your cards and select the cards that you’d rather keep within the game round. Oh yeah, you can easily keep a card by simply clicking on it.

Once satisfied, all you have to do next is continue to click the button for the other cards not held to then be switched with yet another set of cards.


Once all the cards have finally been dealt with, and a winning combination is also achieved, the payout will follow instantly. Without a payout achieved, the game then ends, and it’s up to you to start a new one. Unfortunately, there is no autoplay feature within the game, so you will have to manually play each game.


Special Features


  • Bonus Round


All you have to do to play the bonus round is to win. Simple, right? The bonus round then allows you to gamble your winnings, giving you either double or quadruple your winnings by simply matching the color or suit of a certain hidden card. Spooky, isn’t it? Well, if you’ve got the guts for it, the reward is pretty satisfying.


  • Progressive Jackpot


The game also has progressive jackpot gameplay that is simply tied to the total bet and also the highest potential winning hand within the game. The progressive jackpot depends on the total bet along with the highest potential winning, so if you are fond of this, you might want to up your investment.


Game Design


Play’n GO definitely has a certain skill of being able to make sure that players enjoy the very best experience when it comes to games that they’ve probably played before.

The rendering of Joker Poker, in addition to the no-animation vibe of the game, put down a really serious “it’s time to play” vibe to the game. This also allows players to focus on what really matters, poker!


The background music, however, is programmed to keep players very much entertained while enjoying playing the game. This comes with the graphics that are made to load insanely fast on any device due to the straightforward approach to the game.


There is no need to download this game in order to play it. All you need to do is check out the web browser and start playing away. If you are on the lookout for a game with high variance, then the Jackpot Poker is the perfect game for you.


The game gives out regular payouts, but if you are in it for the big fish, you’ll have to be patient and wait for the big wins. Jackpot Poker is definitely recommended for those players that are either novices or maybe even veterans.


Novice and veteran alike, Jackpot Poker, is built to help players focus on playing the actual game rather than being distracted from all the extras that other games usually use. The game aims to provide a close to reality poker experience instead of being just another game you play on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device.


Yeah. It is as real as it can get. No more distractions. No more extras. Just sheer fun with every card with Jackpot Poker.




If you are trying to figure out whether or not Jackpot Poker is worth your time, think of it this way, the game was actually designed for people who want to go straight to the point and are not really enticed with all those mumbo-jumbo extras. Jackpot Poker was designed for those players that are interested in one thing and one thing only… poker!

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