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Lucky Diamonds Game Review


Get your bling on and the dress, or the suit for that matter, to match these diamonds! Whether it is probably your lucky day or not, these sparkling jewelry are here to tell you. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but contrary to that, they can be toys for men too. These jewels are a mark of one’s riches, and what better way to show the world your bling than to get those diamonds on your wrist. Are you worthy enough to handle them?


Never mind the worth of the carats or how many they are in this game because this video slot has them all. Play’n GO introduces yet another shining gem of a casino game in their massive collection of slots that are guaranteed to sweep you off of your consoles.


Lucky Diamonds was released in 2012

and its sparkle is still intact up to this day. It offers a considerable return to the player advantage, which is not much but is also not bad at all to guarantee a player some prizes during the game.


The game boasts a classic and retro system of gameplay that, for its simplicity, shines among the other video slots out there. What’s more, you can enjoy an uncomplicated premise, so all you have to worry about are those coins stacking up in your wallet. Let’s get those diamonds out of their vaults with this review.


Lucky Diamonds Gameplay


The gameplay is relatively easy for this video slot. While regular slots are played on five reels or more, this retro game has only three reels running across a single pay line.

It is simple and easy to play, and there are more chances of rewards falling on the reels with only one line insight.


What makes one pay line attractive to players is that they do not have to choose between how many lines they need to act to ensure wins and how much of the bet they need to distribute on each one of them.

The lines indicate the possible rewards players are going to get, and if winning combinations are made on inactive ones, then there is no possibility of getting that reward for the player. Hence, with only one line, you do not have to be bothered about which ones to activate.


For beginners, the game is played on the reels!

And the bets are placed on the lines before the game starts. The minimum amount of bet that should be wagered ranges from $0.50 to a maximum of $15. The value of the coins should also be set, with values from 0.25 to 0.75.


Video slots rely heavily on the symbols and how many matching combinations they can make. Each of these symbols carries with them corresponding prizes that will be rewarded once they land on the reels. For this slot, the symbols that the players need to watch out for are the lucky seven icons, the single bar, double bar, triple bar, and the cherries. A glittering diamond is also present in the fray. The following are the corresponding prizes for each of the symbols:


  • One cherry for a single coin bet in any location on the reels is awarded a two times multiplier, while two coins give a 4x, and three coins give a 6x multiplier.
  • Two cherries will give 5x for one coin, 10x for two coins, and 15x for three.
  • Three of any bar symbol is assigned a 5x for one coin bet, a 10x for two coins, and a 15x multiplier for three.
  • Three of the single bar icons can provide a 10x for one coin, a 20x for two, and a 30x multiplier for three coins.
  • Three matching symbols for the cherry is awarded a 10x for one coin, a 20x for two, and a 30x multiplier for three coins.
  • Three double bars are rewarded with a 25x for one coin, a 50x for two, and a 75x multiplier for three.
  • Three triple bars are even more significant, with a 40x for one coin, an 80x for two, and a 120x multiplier for three.
  • Finally, three of the lucky seven icons are given an 80x for one coin, a 160x for two, and a whopping 240x multiplier for three.


Special Features


Because this game is as simple as it can get, there are only two features available.


  • Wild


The wild is represented by the glittering diamond itself, which can reward up to 800x for one coin bet, 1,600x for two coins, and an excellent 2,500x for three coins.


  • Multipliers


The multipliers are given after every successful combination on the reels, with as high as a 2,500x multiplier.


Game Design


The whole design is very simple and is made to give out simple entertainment but with massive rewards. The entire background has a blue hue with horizontal lines running across its plane. The title of the game is given intricate blue and white colors to capture the glittering feel of the diamond along with pink and orange hues to add to its majesty.


It can be taken to have a bright scheme of colors, with the retro reels bringing the fun together. Furthermore, the soundtrack provides quite the experience that will make you feel like a winner. It has no complex animations, and the graphics are standard, which is only right for a classic slot.




A retro and classic three by one slot is here to greet us again. For an uncomplicated journey towards the riches, let the diamonds guide you to your dream life. It has quite the standard RTP that most players will find in other Play’n GO games. Furthermore, it can reward big prizes, too. There is really no harm in trying this one.

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