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Mystery Joker 6000 House Review


From the makers of many industry classics, Play’n GO is at it again with a sequel to Mystery Joker, a fan favorite from their vast roster of online video slot games, aptly named Mystery Joker 6000. The developers kept the sequel close to the original’s core, still favoring minimalist design choices and straightforward gameplay. Much like its predecessor, the sequel is a three-reel slot with five pay lines with bonus features integrated into its gameplay. The developers added more flair to one-up the base game, improving the Scatter symbol and Mystery Spin feature and adding the new Super Meter that adds another layer of fun and enjoyment for players!


Like the original Mystery Joker, the sequel has no overall theme; the game still harbors its iconic minimalist style that highlights its prominent component: its fast and smooth gameplay. A classic slot with bonuses that’ll make you feel like a real winner once you manage to chance upon them. Still choosing the route least taken with no over the top visuals and animations, Mystery Joker 6000 is looking like a game that no-nonsense gamblers will enjoy. It works quite smoothly on mobile devices as well as on desktops.




As a reference to its predecessor, the sequel is designed with three reels and five pay lines with minimum and maximum bets of $0.10 and $100, respectively. it takes after the original with its visual clarity; indicators are still present for players to quickly see their balance, total winnings, and current bet amount. Bets can be raised or lowered through the use of buttons found on the bottom of the screen. The classic’s bonuses are present with some added improvements as mentioned earlier. These bonuses spice up every spin with the addition of respins for the Scatter features, awarding the player up to 60 free spins if they’re lucky enough for multiple triggers, as well as the new and improved Mystery Win feature that rewards the player up to 600 times their wage.


Introducing the newest addition to the game is the Super Meter, enabling players to use their winnings to increase multipliers and odds for getting a Scatter. The elements found in the original prequel were limited but, with the arrival of Mystery Joker 6000, the developers managed to outdo themselves and improve the overall player experience. Lastly, AutoPlay is still present in the game, giving players the option of keeping the reel spinning for a set amount of time without needing to press the spin button.


Tips on Betting


The sequel like the original still offers its players sensible betting options. However, it is worth noting that since it operates with five pay lines, the player needs to divide their total bets by five if they want to figure out what the value of their wages is for every individual track. It also has a couple of player-submitted tips and tricks regarding the game, revolving around taking advantage of the Free Spins. Players also recommended estimating their payouts, knowing when to pause the game, knowing when to use the Super Meter feature, and knowing how to bet correctly.


Special Game Features


The developers significantly improved on the first Mystery Joker’s bonus features, sprinkling more to the bonuses players have come to know and love and integrating a brand new feature to use and enjoy. Designed for player convenience and aim to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. These features take the form of:


  1. Scatters – The Scatter symbol takes the form of a traditional-looking jester’s hat. Aligning three of these symbols, either horizontal or diagonal, triggers the Scatter bonus that grants players ten free spins, which can be re-triggered during the free spin round up to a total of sixty free spins.
  2. Mystery Win Feature – During the Free Spin rounds awarded by the Scatter, if two or more Jester Hat/Scatter symbols show up in the slot reel, the player will be awarded credits amounting up to 600x the player’s coin value.
  3. Super Meter Feature – Whenever a win occurs, players are given the option to fill the Super Meter above the reel with their winnings. While the Super Meter contains coins, subsequent spins will use the coins inside the meter instead of the coins in the player’s current balance, starting the game this way grants a 2x multiplier for the spin. However, playing using the Super Meter feature disables the respin feature, compensating the absence of free spins by awarding the Mystery Win feature with two jokers anywhere in the reel. These jokers do not need to reside on an active pay line to trigger the Mystery Win effect. On the occasion that three joker symbols are active on the reel, players will be awarded three mystery spins as an added bonus.
  4. Autoplay Feature – The Autoplay option is readily available before spinning. Enabling this feature gives the player total control of their time as the game continues itself with no reliance on player input.


Game Design


The sequel doesn’t go too far away from the original Mystery Joker’s design. It still has no definitive theme, no mascot, no wacky animations, and no form of eye-candy to provide as little distraction as possible. Its familiar toned-down aesthetic is comfortable on the eyes, with the only significant change being the colors used. Contrast is still an element used for the design with dark gradients serving as backgrounds to provide contrast to the shimmering gold color accents of the reels.




Much like its base game, Mystery Joker 6000 is well-developed and straightforward; it’s ideal for fast-paced games. The symbols used are the same ones present in the original game upgraded with new subfeatures. Unlike the original, there are seven base symbols used in this three-reel slot. The reels’ symbols feature the nostalgic design of cherries, lemons, grapes, bells, and stars used in the first Mystery Joker game. Moreover, the latest addition to the roster is the stylized lucky three and lucky seven symbols. In addition to all of this, the only striking stylized logo in the game is the Scatter symbol: the Jester’s hat.

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