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Power Plant Slot Review And FREE Demo Game


Yggdrasil Gaming has introduced us to dozens of slot games available in a wide range of characteristics and storyline. Known for their on-point visual animations, free spins, and exciting jackpots – it has quickly become a top developer in our book. In this review, we’re going to explore the merits and gameplay of one of its slot options: Power Plant Slots.

Power Plant was released with an impressive 5-reel and 82-payline design. Its high-res slots can win you up to 32,800 coins in a single spin. If these details aren’t enough to get you hooked, then the storyline might. With a futuristic design and sci-fi vibe on a 3D backdrop, you can almost feel as if you’ve virtually infiltrated one of the world’s most sophisticated and hi-tech power plants.




Much like all of its gaming predecessors from Yggdrasil Gaming, Power Plant gives gamers a beautifully designed slots game that uses futuristic shapes for the symbols in its reel. Perhaps of all the symbols and colouring that you’d wish from the game, the orange hazard-shaped symbol is the most rewarding of all at 8x your stake.

At an average bet of £1.50 for every spin, you can start playing this fast-paced game.  For the first few spins, the ‘Spin’ control can easily set the reel in motion for you. However, if you’re thinking about playing a longer-term session, we recommend that you use the ‘Autoplay’ feature that turns the reels automatically for 10 to 10,000 times on your behalf.

Aside from the orange hazard-shaped symbol, you’ll also see a green leaf, a blue water drop, fire, lightning, and recycle symbols on your screen. Each of these symbols will be up to you for interpretation.

With all of these exciting facets to the game, it’s no wonder the game receives up to an average return to player percentage of 96%.


Additional Game Features


With Power Plant, whenever you land on a full stack of wild lands, the Re-Spin Feature gets activated. This will give you a single free respin. As for the additional game features that you will get, this will depend on the number of wild stacks on your reel. So, if you get 1 wild stack, you’ll also gain access to 1 feature from the game. The features that will be chosen randomly are as follows:

Once you activate the Re-Spin feature, up to 8 symbols at random will replace a single chosen symbol. As in most slots games, this is almost always a guarantee to win a combination. This is what Power Plant calls the Swapping Symbols feature.

Also triggered after a respin, you can be given from 2 to 4 reel nudges to get in some movement and line you up with the best winning combination possible. This is the Nudge Reels feature.

You can also activate a feature that randomly chooses 1 symbol to be super stacked. Aptly named, the developers have dubbed this the Super Stack feature. This varies from the Active Wild feature where a symbol is also chosen at random, but you will be awarded an extra wild.

As a bonus, you can also get up to a maximum of 4 extra features from your Re-Spin. Watch out for these Extra features as they can come in handy to get you that winning combinations.


Game Design


Power Plant has all the things that you might expect from a game launched by Yggdrasil Gaming. From its solid plot point and theme down to its impressive animations and graphics, this is a game that one can easily lose hours to every day.

The best part about Power Plant’s design? It has a Mobile-first design, making it easy to navigate on portrait mode.

With all its crisp 3D graphics and almost-realistic animation, Power Plant more than gives justice to its hi-tech theme and sophisticated aesthetic.




Don’t be overwhelmed with all of its sci-fi design and seemingly over-elaborate game interface. Power Plant is a medium variance game that is simple as it is well-designed. Albeit a bit volatile, this can be the perfect solution for those gamers with an appetite for fast-paced action in their slots game. Of course, to those who are more conservative with their gaming pace, Power Plants does take quite some time to get used to. Still, we feel that the graphics more than make up for this – keeping us hooked on the game and the whole experience that it provides.

With this said, plus its mobile-friendly control, you’ll have something to take with you even when you’re on-the-go.

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