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Psycho Slot Review


Are you looking for some thrill? Revisit the 60’s film with NextGen’s Psycho slot machine game. This game is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s best movies, branded as one of the greatest movies of all time. It is an American psychological thriller/horror film deemed very controversial due to explicit scenes like deviance, violence, and sex.


Like the movie, the game’s setting is in an isolated wooden house on the hilltop overlooking the Bates motel. The thrill of the game lurks in the dark countryside that is continuously raining. Looking at your window, you can see a silhouetted figure, surveying the area and watching the hotel’s new arrivals. At the same time, a young man named Norman attends to the guests enthusiastically.


For those looking for thrill and mystery while playing a slot machine game, Psycho is the game you are looking for. Be observant and help solve the unknown in the town with this game. Will you survive the night and this NextGen’s slot machine? I hope you are ready for some goosebumps!


Psycho Slot Gameplay


The gameplay is centred on the shower scene of the iconic movie. The atmosphere of the game is dark and stormy. You can hear thunder and loud raindrops while playing. The game’s overall goal is to check in the Bates Motel, solve the mystery, and get away with the thrill. To do this, you must play the game and attain lots of outstanding combinations.


First and foremost, players are encouraged to place their bets with the option of adjusting it using the arrows. Players are allowed to choose between 0.01 to 2.50. Afterward, click the ‘Start’ button to set the reel in motion, then wait for a perfect combination. You can see that the game is set on five reels and 25 pay lines like the usual. Please take note that there is an auto-spin option to keep it rolling while you do other tasks.


There are lots of symbols to consider in this game. Each symbol has a corresponding value that might trigger the special features. The letters and numbers (A to 10) are the basic symbols. As for the outstanding characters, look out for a key, dollar bills, Norman Bates, an eye peeping in a keyhole, and an unfortunate lady. All these symbols are endowed with knife slashes and menacing birds to fit the horror theme. Watch out for special features that would bring you closer to solving the mystery.


Special Features


The slot machine game has typical special characters and features that would excite your gaming experience.


  1. Wilds


Wilds are indeed the most beneficial in the slot machine world. It is still the case in Psycho. It appears randomly in the reels, so better hope and wait for it. Once acquired, it never disappoints. Its function is to replace other symbols to increase the potential solution to the mystery multiplied by high numbers ranging from two to five, ten, and 20.


  1. Scatters


A picture of a haunted house represents the scatter symbols. It triggers the Free games feature.


  1. Free games


As mentioned, the free games feature is unlocked when three or more scatters appear in the reel simultaneously. You can play the free spins, depending on the number of accumulated scatters.


  • Three scatters: 10 free spins
  • Four scatters: 15 free spins
  • Five scatters: 20 free spins


  1. Gamble


Once you manage to get an exceptional combination, this feature will be revealed. Click the ‘Gamble’ button to increase your potential. In this feature, players will have to guess the color of a face-down card correctly to succeed. If unfortunate, an incorrect guess ends the feature and decreases your potential. However, there is an option to end the game by clicking the ‘take the win’ button.


Game Design


There are no arguments when it comes to game design as the creative team did a job well done. It gives justice to the film and the set theme. The slashed generic symbols promote a terrifying appearance. All the characters are carefully chosen to fit the mysterious theme and the movie. Moreover, the color scheme complements all the game features. In fact, the film’s color coordinates are merely black and white since it is a noir set in the ’60s. Still, the game managed to depict it with colors; it is dark and dim, truly presenting scary effects. Furthermore, the sound devices supported this thrilling accent. Be sure to turn it on to spice up your gaming experience and avoid boredom. Players must have felt goosebumps while playing it. NextGen surely put on a valiant effort to push this through, and it was successfully done.


Psycho is available on different casino sites, both PC and mobile. It is recommended for strong hearts, a fan of Alfred Hitchcock and Psycho, suspense-film junkies, and exploring gamblers. Beginners and pros will have a wonderful time.




Psycho is an entirely different gaming experience. It is uncommon to play a slot machine game set in this theme. Slot machine games are usually bright and cheerful, but Psycho revolutionized it and promoted another genre. This game is proof that you can achieve chilling effects while still having fun, experiencing the fantastic feeling of excitement in playing slot machine games. Besides, its presentation did not just independently promote itself, but the depiction of the film. With an RTP sitting around 95.6% with medium to high slot volatility, players will be satisfied. NextGen did a splendid job!

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