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Published by Dave Perez on September 30, 2020

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Published by Dave Perez on September 30, 2020

Find out how to deposit and withdraw at an online casino? We reveal the different types of banking methods and our unique take on this. Read about it here.

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Online casinos have grown incredibly popular over the last decade and even more so during the last few months. Why? Because it’s incredibly convenient! Gone are the days where you would be forced to go out of town to gamble. Today, what’s done at a land-based casino can also be done from home. That pretty much sums up how technology has progressed and has allowed us to do almost anything remotely.


How to Deposit and Withdraw at an Online CasinoWith online casinos being as popular as they are, there’s one factor that the average gambler still worries about, banking. Banking is something that could be the bane of your existence, or it could be a walk in the park.

The issue is that there are so many online banking methods available, and it’s easy to choose the “wrong” one. When we mention the “wrong” one, it doesn’t mean that the method selected is bad. On the contrary, it could be a very reputable service, but it’s the wrong one for you.


A part of banking that will often be overlooked is how the banking method is used.

There are distinct differences between each type of banking method. And in this segment, we’ll be explaining how to make deposits and withdrawals with each one.


Various Types of Banking Methods


There is a variety of banking method types available, with each specific type possessing its pros and cons. Below you’ll find a list of the various types of banking methods.


Online Bank Transfer


This is probably the most popular form of transferring cash from one account to another and accepted by all online casinos. Online bank transfers are popular due to the security that comes with it, and the fact that deposits and withdrawals can be done with it. One of the primary benefits of using the traditional banking method to fund your online casino account is that it’s the most trustworthy online payment method. Another factor is that withdrawals, even though they’re incredibly slow, will go straight to your account.


There are some disadvantages when it comes to using online bank transfers. The first one is that due to the general complexity of the procedure, the time it takes to conduct the transfer from one account to another makes it one of the slowest banking methods available. Furthermore, bank transfers are more expensive, but this also depends on which financial institution you’re banking with.


Credit Cards


Credit cards are another popular banking method, but their use at online casinos has come with some controversy. Usually known to fuel unsavory gambling habits; however, licensing authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission has banned the use of credit cards for online gambling. If you’re inside a jurisdiction that allows the use of them, there are a few reasons why you should use them.


Bank security methods make credit cards equally secure as traditional online bank transfers. Credit cards also provide you with quicker processing periods, and this means that you’ll spend a lot less time waiting. However, you will need to keep a close eye on your credit card limit, as the more you spend, the more you’ll need to pay back at a later stage.




There are a variety of e-wallets available to use at an online casino and what you choose depends entirely on your region. Deposits and withdrawals can be done with an e-wallet, and this is what makes it so appealing, as it eliminates the need to find another banking method to make a withdrawal. E-wallets are also significantly quicker when it comes to withdrawal processing periods, with some withdrawals processing as quickly as 30 minutes.


However, when you choose to use some of them, certain casinos will revoke the bonus that was initially offered. We’ve seen this happen with Neteller and Skrill quite often. Overall, e-wallets are possibly the best way to transfer funds in and out of your casino account. Some may argue that they’re not as secure as online bank transfers and that they’re quite expensive, but this certainly isn’t the case.


Prepaid Cards


This is the way to go if you’re looking for a deposit method that’s incredibly secure and doesn’t require you to release any personal information, such as your banking details. You can buy these at a local supermarket, gas station, financial institution, or online. They usually come in a variety of values; however, you may need to find out whether the voucher that you have bought can be used numerous times or if you have to use it in one go.


The only downside to using a prepaid card is the fact that you can’t use them to make withdrawals. If you are willing to look past that, then prepaid cards are a secure and cost-effective payment method.


How to Make a Deposit


Making your first deposit is the first step you’ll take when embarking on your online casino journey. After all, you can’t place a bet without any money. Most online casinos have the same system in place that makes depositing into your account very easy. Below are the steps that you’ll need to take.


  1. Head to the cashier or banking section. You can usually find this in the top left or right corner of the casino homepage.
  2. Select the deposit, and choose your banking method. You need to make sure your preferred payment method is listed. This is something that you must determine before signing up.
  3. Upon selecting the specific deposit method, follow the necessary prompts, and enter the amount that you want to deposit.
  4. Your final step will redirect you to your banking page and will require you to enter a password or an OTP of some sort.
  5. And that’s all there is to it. Making a deposit has never been easier.


How to Make a Withdrawal


Withdrawals are usually the same as the deposit, but somewhat backward. Below you’ll find the necessary steps to make a successful withdrawal.


  1. Head to the cashier or banking section.
  2. Select withdrawal and then select your desired banking method. An important factor to take into account is that some banking methods won’t be available if you didn’t use them to make the deposit. You also need to ensure that you’ve met the wagering requirements of the bonus if you claimed one.
  3. Once your payment method is selected, you will be redirected to the banking website.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw along with your password.


There are many factors to take into account when choosing a withdrawal method. This ranges from cost, processing periods, and general safety regarding the transaction.

Some online casinos will charge you a premium for the withdrawal, and this is why it’s important to read through the Terms and Conditions. By educating yourself, you’ll know what you’re getting into, and this eliminates the possibility of disappointment. You can then focus on the fun at your fingertips.


Final Words


Ultimately, deposits and withdrawals are vital to a successful online gambling venture. And we recommend that you become well-acquainted with the method that you feel the most comfortable with.

You want to make sure that your information is secure and your winnings are not compromised in any way.

Author: Dave Perez

Dave Perez is a casino content expert working in the industry for 5 years as a content manager, looking for the best online casino tips? follow this guy

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