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Gem Drop Review


It would only take a look for someone to get captivated by the shining and mesmerizing gems’ reflection. Perhaps that is what Play’n GO is aiming for when they decided to develop Gem Drop, a video slot casino game unique to its own. Play’n GO is known for making slots with the same concept as Gem Drop, but what excites players with every release is that they try to redefine and set the standards higher than their past releases.


Gem Drop emulates a luxurious and simplistic vibe, which many players are familiar with. Different gem types, as well as the ever-present lucky number seven, populate the screen as icons. Several pieces of gold bars are also included in the symbols that can be rolled. With mostly expensive items on the options, this slot is perfect for people who want to feel luxurious.




A lot of Play’n GO’s games share similarities with other slots in the market. Starburst and Miss Midas are two good examples because of how they share the same pay lines and setup before the game starts. They are also the same when it comes to RTP, making the comparison a lot more likely.


However, Gem Drop is a bit different when it comes to gameplay. Gamblers can quickly start their bets from 0.10 and can be escalated to 50. While bets can be this much, players may experience a prolonged phase, making it perfect for Android device users.


The game features a progressive jackpot and many bonus features, which will be discussed later in this review.


Gem Drop provides an autoplay feature as well for players who wish to bet more without tiring themselves. It is conveniently placed on the lower left side of the screen, easily activated with a click or a tap if you are ever using a mobile device to play.


Special Features


  • Wild Plus Respin


“Bonus Blocks” are present in this game, and it is just basically the wild symbol, so do not confuse yourself, thinking that it is another unique feature you need to learn. Wild symbols in Gem Drop are pretty rare, but they often drop in pairs, which adds much spice to the overall gameplay. When these symbols are triggered, they act as a replacement for any other symbol available in the game. In theory, it helps the player in many ways. Wild symbols also entitle the player a free spin, which is an excellent deal considering its rarity.


  • Paying Both Ways


As the name implies, the player can be paid either from left to right or right to left. Nowadays, many slots don’t acknowledge this type of scenario, which makes this a lot like a particular feature rather than a bonus one. However, there is a limit to how many lines you will get paid, which is 10.


  • Progressive Jackpot


Inside the Gem Drop is a “Wheel of Fortune” mini-game, a fun way to score some wins potentially! Three wheels that are surrounding the reels must be landed to trigger the progressive jackpot. These wheels are also presented in three colors; bronze, silver, and gold.


  • Gamble


Gem Drop isn’t as fun as the other video slot casino games without its highlight, the gamble feature. It allows players to double and triple their winnings whenever a win is registered on the system. However, you can choose from either doubling or tripling your winnings. If you decide to double, you will be presented with four symbols, and you will need to select the correct two ones to further your game rewards. The other one will present the player with three signs, and you need to specify only one, and your winnings will be instantly tripled.


Game Design


Gem Drop shares many of its design and interfaces with other similarly-themed slots, captivating, shining, and a bit distracting because of individual elements. The user interface isn’t in no way revolutionary; however, it is enough to provide visual clarity to the players, even those that are just only beginners. The creative usage of gems is also commendable, with all symbols related to luck and luxury. The standard ones are sapphire, diamond, ruby, and emerald, which furthers the experience of players who want to live in luxury, at least in a game.


Not all games have progressive jackpot features including in them, which makes Gem Drop special in many ways. Couple these features with a 97% RTP and you got an exquisite gameplay experience.




Gem Drop is all about that shining luxury, and there’s no better way to express this than through expensive gems, gold bars, and of course, lucky 7s. While the concept it provides isn’t something new, it has several features that differentiate itself from its competitors. One of its significant advantages is its fun and replayability factor, which many software developers neglect nowadays. Often, developers would opt for sounds and design choices that are rather annoying to the player, making it hard to play for more extended periods.


Gem Drop, however, is very simplistic and straightforward in its intentions and real chances as well. However, the graphics aren’t that impressive. Sometimes, it can be disappointing as it isn’t as polished as some people would expect. Nonetheless, it still provides smooth gameplay, which is an essential part of any casino slot.


The unique features that Gem Drop offers are also something to look forward to as they offer more modifiers to the gameplay for players to have more opportunities if ever a win has been awarded. However, remember that every other unique feature in Gem Drop is a bit hard to trigger, so it is a lot better to tread carefully when aiming for them.

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